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Know all about Lawn Grass

Unlike most household plants, lawns pretty much tend to take care of themselves, providing they’re afforded the right conditions – think healthy soil, some sunshine and the occasional rain.

Not only that, but a good lawn is low-maintenance, only requiring mowing every now and then, in addition to a little fertilizer every couple of months. Lawn grass is also characteristically resilient and can withstand periods of drought before bouncing back after only a few days of rain, something not many garden plants are capable of.

However, this also depends on grass type. Lawn grasses are not equal, you see. For best results, you need to plant the right seed depending on the region of the country you’re in – or are planning to put down roots in.

Lawn grass comes in different types that number more than a dozen, with most turfs having a mixture of two or more types.

These grasses can be grouped into two broad categories:

  • Warm season grasses – these ones do well in warmer climes such as the Gulf Coast, southern, and southeast regions of the United States.
  • Cool season grasses – they thrive in regions that experience widespread temperature fluctuations and cold winters like the kind you’ll find in the north and northeast states, as well as those that fall in the Upper Midwest and Pacific Northwest.

In this article, we reveal some of the best types of grass you can choose for your lawn.

For fairness purposes, we’ll split them into three apiece for each category. That way, anyone planning to hire movers at some point during the year has options to choose from no matter the region you plan to relocate to.

Warm Season Grasses

  • St Augustine Grass

Boasting wide, coarse leaves with tips that are slightly rounded, St Augustine is the type of grass you want in your lawn if you live in a state synonymous with extreme heat and drought.

A type of “carpet” grass, it is highly resilient and can withstand the hottest conditions, making it a popular choice for those down south – in southern parts of Texas and Florida, and generally throughout the Gulf Coast.

  • Zoysia Grass

It has some similarities with St. Augustine grass – produces stiff, coarse blades, grows slowly and thrives in full sun.

Zoysia requires even less water, though, and tends to go dormant (and turn brown) during periods of extended cold, but it rebounds quickly once the sun is back.

Its thickness makes it a great choice for golf courses, and thrives in the transition zone. See which states fall under the transition zone.

  • Bermuda Grass

Another type of warm-season grass that is suited for areas that hit temperatures north of the upper 80s and 90s.

But Bermuda grass is a bit versatile than its two counterparts as it’s able to withstand colder spells.

It’s particularly common in California and down south, although it should work well in the transition zone as well.

Cold Season Grasses

  • Tall Fescue Grass

Extremely versatile, this lawn grass grows best in moist environments but can also tolerate drought pretty well.

It grows nicely in the US transition areas and is adapted to different soil types, although it’s most at home in well-drained clay soil.

  • Kentucky Bluegrass

Does very well in the fall, winter, and spring, but the hot summer makes it dormant. But it’s available in different varieties which have different levels of drought tolerance and mowing requirements.

Will need fertilizer to look its best and doesn’t thrive in areas of deeper shade.

Kentucky bluegrass has also found use not just in home lawns, but also golf courses, play areas, sports fields and more.

  • Perennial Ryegrass

Has ultra-thin, soft-pointed leaves but can surprisingly withstand foot traffic.

It does well in both sun and shade and germinates and establishes itself faster than other cool season varieties.

Worth noting, however, is that ryegrass tends to grow thicker in some areas compared to others, which can lead to greener clusters in some portions of your lawn, ending up looking patchy.

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