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KW Expansion Network To Bring Simplicity and Ease to Expansion


To successfully grow into new markets, top-producing real estate teams need efficient systems and processes. With the launch of the KW Expansion Network, Keller Williams is delivering that and more to its agent partners.

The network will support the business operations of U.S.-based KW real estate expansion teams – teams that have decided to expand beyond their local market to a new location—by offering a simplified, standardized compensation plan and efficient and cohesive operational structure. 

Throughout 2021, KW will continue to initialize operations of the nationwide effort. By early 2022, the KW Expansion Network will be operational in all 50 states.

“Top-producing real estate teams continue to outperform the market substantially, so we’re accommodating their expansion needs under one national brokerage with a simple attractive financial structure and a single operational system per state. ” said Marc King, president, Keller Williams. 

KW Expansion Network Leadership

Cody Gibson, Director of Expansion Growth

Leading the effort will be Cody Gibson, Director of Expansion Growth. A 20-plus year real estate veteran, Gibson is the CEO of the Portland Real Estate Group and the United Home Group, which collectively operate 109 offices in 26 states and 5 countries with 206 partners. 

“As an agent who has expanded into over 100 markets, I’m thrilled to step into this role,” he shares. “Since the inception of expansion in 2011, I’ve been passionate about creating opportunities and coaching agents towards opportunity utilizing the collective resources provided by Keller Williams. With this move, we’re doubling down on our enduring commitment to be the best home for teams to thrive with unlimited growth potential.” 

Keller Williams has also appointed Matthew Szalecki as senior director of strategy and operations for the KW Expansion Network. Szalecki previously served as director of brokerage operations for Fathom Realty and as a regional operations manager for eXp Realty. 

“I’m both honored and humbled by the opportunity to lead the KW Expansion Network,” said Szalecki. “We already lead the industry in the development and success of real estate teams. Now, we’ve made it operationally and financially simple to grow a team without borders.”

“Expansion teams will be further supported with physical space provided by Keller Williams’ existing local offices for agents to meet clients, attend live training events and closings, and contribute to the culture of the local market center,” adds Szalecki.

Expansion – A Natural Extension for Limitless Opportunity 

The KW Expansion Network is the latest in a long line of endeavors over the years by Keller Williams to ensure that its agents have limitless opportunities when it comes to growing their career and building and nurturing a big, successful business and life. Built on the time-tested models of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and refined in partnership with leaders and top expansion teams across the U.S.; it aims to set agents up for repeatable success. Keller Williams knows that by working together, everyone can achieve more. 

The new endeavor comes at a time when top-producing real estate teams across the U.S. continue to substantially outperform the market. According to REAL Trends’ ‘The Thousand’, the top producing U.S.-based real estate teams ranked by transaction sides saw average or mean transactions increase by 49.7% in 2020 over 2019.

For Keller Williams agents and their teams, expansion is a natural next step in growing a successful real estate business. 

“Some teams have just conquered their local market and are wondering what the next challenge is. It’s to build it again somewhere else and create a regional, and eventually national, brand,”says Gibson “The existence of the KW Expansion Network unlocks the potential for top agents to grow their businesses into empires and to take their influence to the national stage”

Szalecki adds, “For many teams, the team leader may reach a point in their business where they’ve grown as far as organic growth will take them. At that point, if the team wishes to grow, the KW Expansion Network gives the team leader the ability to consider where ROI on advertising spend can be maximized – whether it be in their current location or an adjacent market.” 

“Additionally, many teams get opportunities to refer business to agents in other markets, and it’s usually the same handful of markets each time. The KW Expansion Network gives our teams the ability to keep that business under their umbrella by adding agents in those local markets. The opportunity for agents is significant. ” 

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