Lost in Random Rolls The Dice On A New Gameplay Trailer, September Release Date Announced


Lost in Random by Zoink, the makers of Fe, is a promising-looking EA Originals title we’ve been waiting to get our hands on since it was announced last summer. Today’s EA Play presentation treated us to a new gameplay breakdown of the game’s unique combat and also finally pulled the curtain back on a release date. 

On September 10, you can guide a young girl named Even on a quest to rescue her captive sister, Odd. She’s joined by Dicey, a living dice, as they explore the Kingdom of Random. An evil queen reigns over this dark fairytale world, which is divided into six realms governed by a cursed black dice. 

At its core, Lost in Random is a third-person action-adventure title but combat takes the form of flashy dice battles that unfold in board game-like arenas. By collecting coins, players can trade them to purchase cards that grant new attacks, abilities, and more. For example, one card causes Dicey to explode on contact with enemies. Another card transforms him into a giant hammer. Other cards can afflict enemies with curses and spawn traps in the environment. 

Even herself can drop baddies using a slingshot. She can also knock off energy cubes that fuel Dicey. When Dicey’s at full power, he can unleash a time-freezing spell that brings enemies to a halt, giving you a temporary window to unleash the power of randomness.

Lost in Random’s Tim Burton-esque vibe combined with its unique tactical combat has all the potential of a gem in the making. It was recently honored as part of the Tribeca Film Festival’s first official games selection, so it’s already doing something right. We’ll find out once we get our hands on it when it launches for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. 

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