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Lualdi’s design process opens up “creative possibilities with materials”


Promotion: Italian door brand Lualdi says that 2023 marks a new focus in its design process as it aims to create products with experimental combinations of textures and materials.

Lualdi shifted its design philosophy in a bid to create new door aesthetics by exploring the creative use and combination of traditional materials, such as wood, fabric, glass and aluminium.

The Wall&Door system
The Wall&Door system comes with a series of bright shelves and is presented in a grey oak finish, embellished with black aluminium inserts

Many of the brand’s latest products and collections were designed to play with light from different perspectives and open up a range of “creative possibilities” from the overlapping of materials to new surface textures.

“All the new finishes play with light from technically different perspectives, opening up to a wide range of creative possibilities, from surface processing to overlapping patterns and the combination of different materials,” said Lualdi.

The L7 sliding system
The L7 sliding system is enriched with a Liquorice glass pattern, designed by Piero Lissoni

One example is the brand’s L7 door collection, which was presented as part of the furniture fair Salone del Mobile during Milan design week 2023.

The collection, made in collaboration with architect Piero Lissoni, explores the use of glass and aluminium.

According to Lualdi, this is shown not only by the collection’s patterns, created with the materials, but also through how they are used together.

Flutes Mini glass finish
L7 sliding system with Flutes Mini glass finish and titanium aluminium profile

For example, L7 Edit, which is part of the L7 door collection‘s glass panels, are lined with aluminium stripes that intend to add a “rhythmic feel” to the product and provide a fence-like silhouette to the design.

Lualdi is also on a “quest to discover wood’s untapped potential”. The mix of materials aims to “inject furniture systems with energy” transforming pieces into flexible, cutting-edge architectural elements with a high decorative impact.

One example of this is the brand’s Koan sliding system, which was designed for Lualdi by Kokaistudios and is equipped with wooden strips.

L7 Edit sliding system
Many of the brand’s new products are designed to play with light from different perspectives. Image: L7 Edit sliding system with titanium aluminium strips and extra-clear glass

Similarly, the brand’s cladding solutions such as Tai Boiserie feature a symmetrical alternation of wooden geometric designs across walls and doorways, which aim to add warmth and unity to interior spaces.

The graphic combinations of shadows and lines are designed to “breathe fresh life into wood’s inherent solidity”.

The Koan sliding system designed by Kokaistudios includes wooden strips applied to the glass that extend vertically along the entire surface in a single size, framed by bronze aluminium profiles

“Lualdi also deepens the dialogue with fabrics and leathers, materials that increasingly define a reconciliation, a fusion almost, between the product and the world of furniture,” said the brand.

“These materials are used to demonstrate increasingly adaptable solutions capable of defining the visual style of the spaces they link.”

Tai boiserie
Cladding solution Tai boiserie features a symmetrical alternation of wooden geometric designs

Lualdi was founded in 1859, Lualdi is an Italian design company founded in 1859, specialising in interior doors. It has showrooms in Milan, Miami, Los Angeles and New York.

To view more about Lualdi’s products or its approach to materials and design, visit its website.

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