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As a bona fide plant girl, I have to have plants in every room and my office is no exception. I get very little light in this room, but I do have several plant lights set up to keep my babies happy. There is even a small greenhouse in the corner for super special specimens. I’m also a fairly lazy plant mama and really enjoy the varieties that take little time and care. So, I ordered a self-contained plant that has the moisture and nutrients it needs all in one glass cloche. It is one of the easiest office plants I possess.

Growing Small Plants

I like anything that is miniature. I happen to have two very tiny cats that could almost be considered dwarf felines. Small is simply charming and this extends to plants. This might explain my interest in bonsai, which are developed from full sized plants. By careful root pruning even a Douglas fir can be contained in a small, shallow dish.

When plant catalog time occurs in February, it is always fun to look at new introductions of plants. Since plant breeding is an ongoing process, I can usually count on a new variety of a favorite plant, often one that has been downsized. Mini versions of a standard never fail to fascinate. They have a Siren’s lure to possess and enjoy, a trait that breeders will certainly capitalize on and encourage.

My smallest plant is a tiny sundew. It originally came in a sealed glass dome. Sundews are a group of around 130 species, with some as large as a bush, and others as small as one’s pinkie imprint. My little guy is a mini sundew and had some agar or something in the container to provide it with nutrients. The sealed dome retains moisture. The idea is that the whole thing is self-sufficient and won’t need any care.

Well, I have had it for nearly a year now and the roots that can be seen in the glass are huge, so I decided it was time to liberate the plant. Research shows it may be grown in moss. My first problem was finding something in which to grow such a tiny specimen. Honestly a thimble would be appropriate, but I only have one and putting drainage holes in that would be difficult. I searched around the house for any suitable container and found some small, clear containers I had purchased for air plants. The cats got hold of the air plants so the little containers, which have suction cups to attach to tile or windows, are available. This looks like the perfect place for growing sundew.

I nestled my mini sundew in a bed of dampened sphagnum moss. I put the container on the side of the interior of the greenhouse. Since they are carnivorous plants, I deduced that the occasional fungal gnat I get would provide adequate food. It has wee little, sticky leaves that will ensnare tiny bugs. The bug will eventually melt into the leaf, providing necessary nutrients. So far, the plant is doing well. It is surrounded by other tiny plants, as I get some of my seeds going.

I’m not sure how big my sundew plant will get, but I know they are very slow growers. I’m quite sure its current home will be sufficient for years. I enjoyed the enclosed plant so much that I have ordered another. It is a mini moss terrarium, which I’m quite sure I will enjoy.


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