New Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mod Gives The People What They Want, “Juicy” Sexy Hanar


Earlier today, I covered a pretty heavy topic dealing with abuse and misconduct. That heaviness, especially when coming from a place of experience in a similar vein, can make your heart hurt. So, because of that, I ask that you bear with me as I write something so delightfully stupid to make myself smile, and hopefully, you smile too. So. Let’s talk sexy hanar in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, shall we? 

There are a lot of mods for Mass Effect Legendary Edition so far, more so recently since BioWare made it easier to access the required code. Last week, we covered a nifty one that restored a longstanding glitch concerning the one and only Conrad Verner, this week, we’re talking “juicy” hanar. It’s called balance, sweetie. 

Created by modder u/Grixdale, the Sexier Hanar mod now comes with “100% more nips.” It’s a jesting mod, so don’t take it too seriously, but too hilariously weird not to write up. The mod creator made this mod in joking retaliation to those that complained about a previous N7 Body-Con Dress mod that eliminated panty lines and covered nipples, so now they put all those hidden nipples on the hanar instead because life is chaos and we’re all going to die anyway. 

“I took the nipples I no longer needed on the n7 dress and gave them to Blasto and the rest of the Hanar on the Citadel,” said the mod’s creator. “I hope the spirit of Susan B. Anthony is proud of me, because I took feminism from the 1900s and pushed us forward into 2186.” That last part was added as a reference to those complaints against the previous mod centering around removing the nipples seen as an attack on feminism. This hanar mod is wild, y’all. 

Anyway, if you want those juicy hanar nipples in Mass Effect, you can make your dreams a reality right here. You can also learn more about Mass Effect Legendary Edition, including deep character dives, with our dedicated game hub here

Admit it, you want this mod. Sound off with how much of a work of art it is in the comment section below. Blasto would want you to. 


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