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“Our goal is to create the most sustainable communities in the UK”


Promotion: specially curated playlists and unique signature scents are just some of the multi-sensory ways in which developer Moda Living is tailoring its neighbourhoods to boost residents’ wellbeing.

Leaders in the build-to-rent space, Moda Living have partnered with designers such as design and interior architecture studio Amos and Amos, interior designer Naomi Cleaver and Leeds-based architect Fuse Studios to create what it describes as the “city centre accommodation of the future”.

According to Moda Living, all of its neighbourhoods are designed to have a unique concept, which is driven by the community’s history and surroundings.

For example, at its Moda, Angel Gardens neighbourhood in Manchester – a residential-led, mixed-use 35-storey community– interior designer Naomi Cleaver made subtle references to the eighteenth-century cotton mill that once stood on the site in the building’s reception area, including cotton fabric upholstery and light fixtures informed by old factory machinery.

Kitchen with red cupboards and wooden flooring
Moda Living has developed specially curated playlists and unique signature scents to boost residents’ wellbeing

At Moda, The Lexington – a 34-storey neighbourhood at Princes Dock in Liverpool – the interiors, also designed by Cleaver, pay homage to the city’s rich maritime history and close links to New York City through the inclusion of archways and shades of blue.

Similarly, at Moda, The Mercian in Birmingham, which stands on the former site of a celebrated nightclub, Cleaver included references to the music and artists in the WCs.

“Good design can have a positive impact on how residents feel within buildings,” said design director at Moda Group, Peter Sproule. “The customer experience is considered at a very early stage, with all the senses thought through.”

“Good design can have a positive impact on how residents feel within buildings,” said Moda Living

All Moda Living neighbourhoods have the same signature scent that helps residents feel instantly at home. Each building also has specially curated playlists and amenities, such as shared lounges, co-working spaces, residents’ gym, cinema and games rooms, as well as outside green spaces and roof terraces providing panoramic views of the city.

“Our goal is to create the happiest, healthiest and most sustainable communities in the UK,” said Sproule. “We are able to do this with our considered approach to design, which puts the resident and their health and wellbeing at the top of mind.”

The group said that resident data is closely followed to ensure each facility is being used to its full potential. In addition, amenity spaces are future-proofed so that new amenities can be added as residents’ needs evolve.

It has plans to add podcast studios, VR rooms, meditation rooms and spaces for yoga to each of its neighbourhoods in the future.

To help it stay focused on its goal of creating the “city centre accommodation of the future”, Moda Living uses an ESG strategy called ‘Next Generation Futures’ that guides all of its business decisions and thought processes.

Living room with orange sofas
Moda Living aims to create “happy and sustainable” communities in the UK

Next Generation Futures focuses on three core pillars: spaces – reducing environmental impact; communities – improving the health and wellbeing of residents; and business – increasing diversity and inclusion.

In addition, Moda has partnered with Fitwel – a healthy building certification system that focuses on improving the lives of occupants and local communities, to ensure that the physical and mental wellbeing of Moda’s residents is placed first.

To achieve full certification, measurable factors have to be put in place at every stage of the build, from design, construction and operations.

Since working with Fitwel, Moda Living has secured four, three-star-certified neighbourhoods including Moda, New York Square in Leeds, Moda, The McEwan in Edinburgh, Moda, Holland Park in Glasgow and Moda, The Mercian in Birmingham.

Living room with wooden flooring
Moda uses multi-sensory to enhance wellbeing

Using a combined approach to top-tier amenities and service offerings promoting health and wellbeing, Moda, The McEwan was the first of the group’s neighbourhoods to achieve the Fitwel certification.

Moda, The Mercian also raised the bar for community and fitness with a 200-metre rooftop running track – the first in Birmingham.

At its Moda, New York Square neighbourhood in Leeds, the developer partnered with health and wellbeing experts Zeno Wellbeing to provide residents with advice about nutrition, mental health and sleep.

To find out more about Moda Living’s neighbourhoods visit its website.

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