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How many Mondays, springs, new years have passed, and your mental impulses to buy a gym membership have remained in your soul. You rush between hungry diets and fasting days, a couple of times you even squatted and pumped your abs while watching your favorite TV show, but for some reason the waist is wider and the hips are getting more shapeless. And if it suddenly seemed to you that you need to run to the gym right now, then it did not seem to you at all. What prevents us from accepting the obvious and starting to act?

Girl in the gym


“I look good”, “I have not recovered much”, “I am loved and so” and a million more phrases that we say to ourselves to justify our laziness. As a rule, epiphany occurs once a season, when the usual things stop buttoning or fitting. And it is also very sobering to go after new clothes and the exclamations of the sellers “No, in such the size of this thing is not! “. If something like this has happened to you before, this is a sure sign – stop deceiving yourself. A critical glance in the mirror, or even better, a photo in lingerie or a swimsuit should be a good start for a change and purchase of a subscription.

Popular morality

We all know apt and witty sayings, popular among the people and justifying our laziness. “Men are not dogs, they do not like bones”, “Better to swing on the waves than to beat against the rocks”, “You are an adult woman, where do you lose weight?” – each of us has heard something like this at least once in our life. Well, perhaps there is a grain of reason in these words, but they contrast thinness with obesity. Both are extremes that have nothing to do with health and physical attractiveness. Our goal is mouth-watering curves and depressions, formed from muscle definition, not folds of fat.


How many girls at the words “simulator”, “dumbbells”, “barbell” round their eyes in fright or disgustingly curl their mouths. For some reason, so many people believe that weight training will make them masculine, pumped up and unattractive. Oh, if only it were that simple! Then we would be surrounded by only Misters and Miss Olympia.

In fact, in order to pump up huge, lean, relief muscles that frighten ordinary people so much, you need to work without sparing yourself, exercise with a very heavy weight, sit on a special diet and adjust your hormonal background with special pharmaceuticals.

If one of the reasons why you avoid the gym lies in the fear of “pumping”, you are simply flattering yourself – no one has succeeded so easily.


Girls in the gym

“I don’t like gyms. You study, and everyone is staring at you, ”- one often hears from girls. Well, nothing else can be called megalomania. Every person who comes to the gym thinks about the correctness of the technique, counts reps, drinks water and tries to catch his breath between sets. No one is at all interested in what Katya / Lena / Ira, shamefacedly looking around, is doing there.


Yes, yes, these people most often tell us: “Come on, you are already beautiful, why do you need this?”, And move the plate of cakes even closer. Indeed, when a beloved man or parents say this, you want to relax and calmly tuck your sweets under the blanket. But it’s better to stop and think about why not become better, more beautiful and healthier for those who love you so much.

Little tricks

But how do you get yourself closer to your first workout in the gym? We women love preparation for any event very much. Why not use it for the good of the body, so to speak?

Buy sportswear in a trendy, trendy shade and start choosing accessories. Special gloves, comfortable sports headphones, an elastic band or hair clip, a shaker for soluble amino acids – you will definitely want to walk all this in an appropriate setting! Well, if you are a lover of cosmetics, then choosing permanent products for light training makeup will give you an additional incentive to show off in the gym.

And the most important thing

And the most important thing is the attitude with which you are going to practice. If you go to class as if from under a stick, feeling like a victim; if you perceive training as self-torture, you will not last long. Think that training is a time for yourself, it is something that will make you stronger, more enduring, healthier and more beautiful every time.

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