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Low cost, doctor designed, FDA-registered hearing aids without appointments.

Bottom Line: This MDHearingAid is a collection of near-perfect and effective hearing aids. They improve the hearing capability of all patients with this condition regardless of age. Learn more about this hearing aid in our MDHearingAid Review.

Pros & Cons

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and drawbacks of MDHearingAids.

  • 45-trial period during which you can return the product.
  • Made in the US while adhering to the regulations of the FDA.
  • Comprehensive customer support, which includes access to a licensed expert on hearing instruments.
  • Online sales process that’s under the supervision of a qualified audiologist.
  • Only one type of rechargeable model available.
  • Basic warranty is quite limited.

Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that close to 466 million people live with hearing disabilities. Around 93 percent of these are adults, while the remaining 7% are children. 

There are different ways of treating or dealing with the loss of hearing. Cochlear implants, surgical procedures, and removal of wax blockage represent a few of these solutions. Hearing aids are also a common and effective solution.

Technology offers different hearing aids to solve some of these problems. Here, MDHearingAid stands taller than most.

In today’s world, you wouldn’t buy a product before learning more about it, right? 

  • Questions such as, is it right for you?
  • Can you afford it?
  • Does its design look stunning or is it cumbersome?
  • Is it easy to use too? 

This MDHearingAid review highlights the features, pros, cons, and price that answer all these questions in detail. 

About MDHearingAid

As you will learn in our MDHearingAid review, this particular hearing aid is different from your normal hearing aids. For starters, its design features the input of medical doctors.

Secondly, audiologists tested and stamped their seal of approval on this product. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also approved it for use as a medical product. 

Here some other highlights and reasons to consider the MDHearingAid:

  • Medically-graded and high-quality device
  • Easy to use as it arrives readily assembled 
  • A team of dedicated hearing aid specialists offer top notch support
  • Simple to order online


Several features of the MDHearingAid stand out. This includes excellent US-based customer support. In addition, you are free to use the 45-trial period to test its full capabilities or return it in case it doesn’t meet your needs. 

MDHearingAid also offers free next-day shipping services. What this means is you can expect to get your hearing products in less than 48 hours, though this depends on location.  

MDHearingAid Reviews

Furthermore, it’s also worth mentioning that there is more than one type of this type of product. There is an analog, classic, rechargeable, smart, and advanced MDHearingAid, as follows:

MDHearingAid AIR

America’s best selling value hearing aid. A virtually invisible design with advanced digital technology, delivering high-quality sound.

Do you find yourself unable to understand conversations with other people more clearly? The classic MDHearingAid AIR would be a perfect solution in that case.

It’s also ideal for noisy environments, watching TV, and talking on the phone. 

  • High-quality sound guaranteed
  • Features advanced digital technology
  • Has a battery life of 21-26 days
  • Functions up to 24 hours on full charge
  • Not rechargeable
  • Battery operated thus could be a bit inconveniencing
MDHearingAid VOLT+

A long-lasting rechargeable hearing aid with state-of-the-art audio quality and noise management.

VOLT is the most popular hearing instrument that MDHearingAid ever made. It owes its popularity to the fact that it’s a water-resistant and rechargeable product.

In addition to that, it lasts up to 30 hours when fully charged for three hours nonstop. 

  • Water-resistant and sweat proof
  • Rechargeable
  • Battery charges fully over 500 times
  • Can last up to 30 hours on full charge
  • Battery needs replacement after around 500 full charges
  • Each battery costs $99.95 to replace per hearing aid.
MDHearingAid CORE

Puts you in control, helping you optimize your hearing without the appointments at the local hearing clinic.

CORE has become MDHearingAid’s premier hearing product. This smart hearing tool has no problem adapting to your needs and surroundings.

It’s also compliant with the app, a quality that allows you to customize it accordingly. It’s available for: 

  • Easily adaptable to all sound surroundings
  • Adjusts automatically to changing environments
  • Features four audio settings for improved hearing
  • Works perfectly with iPhone, iPad, and all Android devices.
  • Non-rechargeable
  • Performance is not as solid under water


Still have questions about MDHearingAid? Check out these commonly asked questions.

Are MDHearingAid devices similar to personal sound amplifiers?

The MDHearingAid devices are similar to personal sound amplifiers in that they both enhance sound. They are both wearable around the ears too and share a bit of the technology as well. 

Do I need a hearing test to buy a hearing aid from MDHearingAid?

Usually, a comprehensive diagnostic test on your hearing capability is a requirement before getting a hearing aid. However, that’s not mandatory with MDHearingAid, which you can order online.

That said, a test helps you to know what’s good for you. 

Does MDHearingAid sell hearing aids for children?

The MDHearingAid devices are for adults and not children. 

Will MDHearingAid aids restore my hearing?

No hearing aid is capable of restoring your hearing. It only improves your hearing well enough to allow you to differentiate between sounds. 

Final Thoughts

As you have learned from this MDHearingAid review, these hearing aids are ideal for most surroundings and noise levels. They remove the background noise remarkably well thus allowing you to enjoy the sound coming through. 

If you can benefit from MDHearingAid devices, the PRO, AIR, VOLT+, or CORE are great options, depending on your budget and needs.

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Low cost, doctor designed, FDA-registered hearing aids without appointments.

MDHearingAid Alternatives

Eargo icon
  • FDA standardized
  • 12- and 24-month payment plans
  • Can be covered by insurance
Audicus icon
  • 45-day free trial period
  • Free online hearing test
  • Monthly Membership
Lively Hearing Aids icon
  • Nearly Invisible
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Money-back guarantee

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Low cost, doctor designed, FDA-registered hearing aids without appointments.

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