Random: “Of Course You Know What A Heart Is!”: Nintendo Pokes Fun At Skyward Sword’s Shortcomings


Skyward Sword on Wii made collecting items a pain in the... heart.
Skyward Sword on Wii made collecting items a pain in the… heart.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD launches on Nintendo Switch next week (that came around fast, didn’t it?!) and fans of the series have been keen to learn about the improvements this rerelease is bringing to the table. Thankfully, Nintendo shared details on this exact topic last week, highlighting several ways in which this new Switch version outdoes the Wii original.

One of the improvements relates to the game’s many collectible items; on Wii, the game would bring up a text box every time you picked up an item to explain what it is, regardless of how many times you’d already seen the message, but on Switch this has been streamlined, only describing each item once. Phew.

Rather comically, it seems Nintendo is more than aware that this was a problem. Not only has the issue been resolved in the HD version, but the company also took a small dig at the original game online, saying, “Of course you know what a heart is!” when sharing details on the new feature:

Skyward Sword HD was also treated to a new trailer just yesterday; called ‘A Hero Rises’, the clip sets the scene for the game’s plot and features some rather epic renditions of classic Zelda tunes.

Are you feeling the hype with just seven days to go until release? We’ll have our full review live on the site next week.


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