Red Dead Online Event Adds Debt Collection, Kidnapping, And Other Crime Activities


Another event is coming to Red Dead Online with a bevy of features that have been anticipated for quite some time. With new crimes and opportunities, “Blood Money” looks to round out the American cowboy fantasies that players have been yearning for since taking to the American frontier with their posse members. If it wasn’t already obvious, the new event focuses on deviance and criminology as you’ll be helping notorious villains in and around Saint Denis. The available crimes (or new activities) include debt collection, kidnapping, cloak-and-dagger coach holdups, multi-stage robberies, and more. Here’s a synopsis of the backstory:

“There are whispers in the alleys of Lemoyne’s capital that Guido Martelli — right-hand man and underboss to the infamous Angelo Bronte — needs gunslingers of strong constitution. Martelli is seeking to recover a valuable commodity known as Capitale. Originally devised as a unique system of exchange for more sensitive business dealings away from the watchful eyes of the taxman, it’s since ended up in the hands of nearly every lowlife across the five states. Now, Bronte and Martelli want it back — if you can find and return it, Martelli will reward you with access to more worthwhile criminal opportunities.”

Collecting this so-called Capitale will give you access to three Opportunities – the first of which drops on launch day – that might require you to eavesdrop on conversations or keep an eye out for VIPs. The four Quick Draw battle passes are also incoming in consecutive order. As per usual, you can opt in by purchasing the pass which will give you access to bonus cosmetics, like Dutch’s outfit, as well as other enticing rewards. The post on the official Rockstar website reads as follows, “Each pass will cost 25 Gold Bars, all of which you’ll earn back by completing the Pass’ 25 Ranks. As an added bonus, players who purchase all four passes will receive the upcoming Halloween Pass 2 for free.”

In response to community desires, Rockstar is also bringing back items from the Outlaw Pass, including unlocking the fast travel ability from a Wilderness Camp; this’ll now be available for purchase at a Fence. And highly-requested Van der Linde gang outfits from the second and third Outlaw Passes will be obtainable once again. If you’re a Windows player with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card, keep an eye out for the July 13 launch date of Blood Money as the PC port of Red Dead Online will offer NVIDIA DLSS support. 

Are you excited for the new event? What crime are you most looking forward to committing? I recently attended a Red Dead Redemption 2 concert and was blown away by the live performances. You can read about that here while staying tuned for the new event


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