Registration Opens for ROG Academy Season 8: Turn Your Passion for CS:GO into a Professional Career



ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) has exciting news for gaming enthusiasts in India as they’ve announced the much-anticipated return of ROG Academy for its 8th season. After several successful seasons of VALORANT, the Academy is now going back to its roots, putting the spotlight on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), the game that initially launched this esteemed program.

With the campaign-themed #backtobasics, ROG Academy aims to provide aspiring CS:GO gamers with an incredible opportunity to turn their passion for gaming into a professional career.

Registration Opens for ROG Academy Season 8

Embracing India’s Gaming Potential

ASUS has great confidence in India’s potential to embrace and popularize CS:GO, especially considering the increasing interest and participation in the competitive gaming scene. The emergence of significant prize pool tournaments hosted by various organizers has further reinforced India’s position in the global esports arena.

With ROG Academy’s focus on CS:GO, ASUS aims to nurture and elevate the gaming ecosystem in India, providing the best resources, mentorship, and training to the next generation of talented gamers.

Registration Details

Registration for the ROG Academy Season 8 began on Wednesday, 19th July. Aspiring gamers and enthusiasts aged 16 and above can apply through the Official ROG Website. The application process is designed to identify the unique strengths and playstyles of each applicant, ensuring the best fit for the program.

A History of Success

Previous seasons of ROG Academy have been immensely successful, with over 13,000 registrations received. The Academy has already achieved a remarkable milestone by transitioning 42 players to the professional level.

These talented players have showcased their skills and capabilities on the competitive stage, and six ex-academy players have secured placements in Tier 1 and Tier 2 organizations, participating in prestigious events like VCL SA 2023.

A Learning Experience Like No Other

To enhance the learning experience for participants, ROG Academy Season 8 will continue the tradition of inviting esteemed guests. In the previous season, the Academy had the privilege of hosting renowned professionals, such as Bhavin “HellRanger” Kotwani, the former IGL of Global Esports, and Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose, the current IGL of Orangutan, winners of VCLSA 2023. These professionals provided valuable insights and advice to the participants, further fueling their passion for gaming and offering invaluable knowledge and tips.

Curriculum, Duration, and Rewards

ASUS ROG Academy is a year-long program designed to establish and develop the esports community in India. The curriculum for this season is specially crafted in partnership with AFK Gaming, one of India’s most recognized tournament organizers.

The shortlisted teams and players will undergo an extensive selection process divided into different phases. Six select players will become part of a 6-month long program designed to familiarize them with various aspects of gameplay at eminent levels.

The program will help them master teamwork, communication, opponent analysis, self-improvement tracking, weapon selection, skillsets, map breakdowns, and execution, among other essential aspects. The exercises, schedule, and the entire program will be tailored to the title and existing skillsets of the players who participate.

How to Apply: ROG Academy

Aspiring gamers and gaming enthusiasts aged 16 and above can participate in the program and register on the Official ROG Website from 19th July 2023 onwards. Gamers aged between 16 to 18 will need to provide a consent letter from their parents to participate in the academy.

During the registration process, applicants will answer some key questions on the online form that will help ASUS determine their playstyle and preferences.

Selection Process: Identifying the Best Fit

The selection process for ROG Academy Season 8 will be comprehensive and meticulous, designed to find the best fit for the program:

Application Test: All applicants must first fill out a form to gauge their understanding of the game, the role they play, and their behavior as players.

Theory Test: Situational awareness and decision-making will be tested by putting the players on the spot in tough situations.

Range Test: Players will be tested for their shooting skills through multiple challenges. Range bots will be set to hard mode, and players will aim for the highest possible score.

Scrims: Gameplay will be monitored, and communication will be listened to in order to determine the best fit for each role.

A Journey of Opportunities

ASUS ROG Academy Season 8 promises to be an extraordinary journey for aspiring CS:GO gamers in India. The opportunity to learn from industry professionals, access the latest ROG gears, and receive monetary compensation during training adds immense value to the program.

With the gaming community’s continued support and participation, ROG Academy continues to play a vital role in nurturing India’s esports talent and elevating the country’s presence on the global gaming stage.

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