Retro’s Cancelled Zelda Game Starring Sheik Resurfaces In Nintendo Gigaleak


Concept art of the cancelled project
Concept art of the cancelled project (Image: Sammy Hall / ArtStation)

Back in 2020, we shared a story about an axed Legend of Zelda project by the Metroid Prime team, Retro Studios.

It was supposedly an action/JRPG game that was going to star Sheik and would have been a story set within the “bad ending” of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – exploring the journey of the last Sheikah while Dark Gerudo were “giving their 100-year birth” to Ganon.

At the time, former Retro Studios artist, Sammy Hall, shared pre-production artwork of this supposedly cancelled project around the time of the Wii era. Now, in a bit of an update, last year’s gigaleak has pulled through with a new Nintendo document that seemingly reinforces the existence of this project. Here’s the translation, courtesy of Source Gaming editor-in-chief:

Speaking to IGN last May, Hall mentioned how he didn’t think Nintendo had seen much of the concept artwork for the Sheik Zelda game and said the project was cancelled the minute the now ex-Retro leads Mark Pacini, Todd Keller and Kynan Pearson left the studio.

You can see more of this Sheik concept artwork (as well as a cancelled Boo project) and learn more about the Nintendo gigaleak in our previous stories:

Would you have been interested in playing a Zelda game starring Sheik? Leave a comment down below.


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