Scrapped Wii “Bulletin Board Channel” Uncovered In Nintendo Gigaleak


Nintendo Wii
Image: Nintendo Life

By the time we get our hands on consoles, games, and even apps, there have already been multiple revisions during the design stages. Often, we’ll see these concepts shared by the developers in various ways later down the line, but in this particular case, it’s via a leak.

Yes, the Nintendo gigaleak has now given fans a look at a scrapped channel, that was internally titled “Bulletin Board Channel” or “What’s New Channel”. As you might have already worked out, it likely would have provided users with news updates. In the end though, as highlighted by Nintendo Everything, the Wii Message Board was the main source of news on the Wii.

That’s not the only Wii Channel leak, either. The same Twitter user @lombTV has shared a pre-release build of the Wii Shop Channel dated 18th August 2006. The Wii Shop Channel, as you might recall, ended up looking a lot different when it was officially released, and has now of course been shut down.

Just last week, we got to see early Wii Remote concepts were uncovered in the second round of the Nintendo gigaleak. Do you miss the days of the Wii? How about the Wii Shop Channel and that famous music? Leave your thoughts down below.


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