Stray Trailer Shares New Gameplay Details And Slight Delay


BlueTwelve Studio walked us through its cat-centric game, Stray, during the Annapurna Interactive Showcase today. The new trailer focuses on the game’s protagonist and world, including a look at one friendly little drone, and breaks the news that Stray will now launch in early 2022 on PlayStation 5, Playstation 4, and PC.

Though the game seems poised to become an indie darling, probably fueled by the internet’s well-documented love of cats, we didn’t know much about Stray before today. First shown at Sony’s PlayStation event last summer, Stray’s announcement trailer communicated two things very well. One, Stray has a cat in it – that sometimes wears a tiny backpack. Two, the game’s fearless feline inhabits a grim cityscape populated by mechanical beings. Humanity, it seems – if several graffiti messages in the trailer are any indication – has met with some unkind end. Between the game’s intriguing, though foreboding, world and its adorable character, we were eager to see more.

Luckily, today’s showcase was happy to oblige. Stray’s new trailer explains the game’s lead has been separated from its family. Lost and hurt, it makes its way through a hostile and unfamiliar metropolis just trying to survive. The player will experience this through the cat’s eyes. Whether it’s crossing a lake of toxic sludge or finding a way past whirling fan blades of death, it looks for a while like you’ll be left alone to fend for yourself. Until B-12 appears.

B-12 is a small drone that will let you interact with the mysterious city around you and communicate with the locals. Hovering helpfully above the ground, the drone will aid you with everything from picking up objects to fighting.  Apart from introducing B-12, the trailer shows off a few of the game’s puzzles and some rooftop action, giving us a better idea of Stray’s moment-to-moment gameplay. We are also introduced to Doc, a handy-looking robot occupied by thoughts of his son, that might have an important role to play in your adventure.

Stray’s new 2022 release window is announced near the end of the video. This is a bit disappointing considering the game’s initial trailer said Stray would be out in 2021. However, it is not the first game to get pushed out of 2021, and it probably won’t be the last. 


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