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Students design their ideal urban home in My ArchiSchool exhibition


Promotion: fifty-two students presented digital designs and architectural models of their ideal home as part of Hong Kong-based education institute My ArchiSchool‘s latest exhibition.

As part of the exhibition, My ArchiSchool students were asked to design their ideal home within an urban environment.

The exhibition, which took place on 2 October 2022 at the Sky100 on the 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong, showcased photomontages of digital designs presented alongside physical models.

A photograph of a student showing his architectural model to his parents as part of an exhibition
Students were able to bring family members to the exhibition. Architectural model by Ethan Chan

Alongside the student’s digital design displays and models, Hong Kong’s Commercial Radio Production provided stage lighting and a sound remix combining the usual noises found in urban environments – including traffic noise – with “hints of nature,” such as the sounds of birds and rain.

“The young ones have shown their love for both nature and the city,” said My Archischool founder, Alice Cheung. “They designed their ideal home with the contexts of urban and the elements from nature.”

“The sound of traffic lights, the sound of pedestrians, remixing with the sound of raindrops and birds in this unique exhibition has brought all visitors to the familiar cityscapes of Hong Kong!”

An architectural model of a student project lit up by LED lights
The students presented architectural models alongside digital designs. Architectural model by Lawrence Fok

The student projects were also judged and awarded as part of the International Youth ArchiDesign Competition 2022 by a panel led by the head of architecture at the National University of Singapore, Ho Puay-peng.

Alongside the exhibits were a number of activities for visitors to take part in, including 3D printing and a group project involving the creation of a “mini greenhouse”.

MyArchischool’s exhibition space
Hong Kong’s Commercial Radio Production provided a sound remix for the exhibition

My Archischool is a Hong Kong-based organisation that provides courses for students aged six to 18.

The organisation runs a variety of in-person and online courses for aspiring young architects and aims to teach 3D modelling and other skills that will set them up for careers in urban planning and architecture.

For further details about the exhibition and to find out more about My ArchiSchool, visit its website.

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