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Taking Command of Lead Generation: Anthony Gutierrez


Since diving into real estate in 2018, Anthony Gutierrez watched as his business leveled up exponentially. In his first year, he closed 14 transactions, and then racked up 40 in his second. He soon realized that if he wanted that growth to be sustainable, he needed more support – in the form of both a team and technology. When the College Station, Texas-based agent joined Keller Williams in September 2020, he found the exact support his growing business required. Now, he’s on track to reach 50 to 60 transactions in his third year in the business. 

“Keller Williams has helped me make the leap from just being a great agent to being a great business owner,” Gutierrez says. “The biggest thing about the culture here at KW is the support structure, so you know you’re not on your own. There’s models to follow, and there’s freedom in the models. Once you get the model up and running in your own business, it helps to get rid of all the time-wasters and the things that distract you, so you can focus on the things that are important, and ultimately, that leads to more free time and more time with your family.”

Tapping into Tech Tools

Gutierrez knew early on that he wanted to pin his focus largely on the listings side, and he also knew that it would take intensive lead generation to help him get there.

“If I wanted to have future sellers, I needed future buyers now,” he recalls of his early days in the business. “So in running my business, I focused on my sphere and incoming leads.”

In order to reach that sphere and those leads, Gutierrez found himself paying for many different tools and systems and trying to stay on top of two different databases. When he came to KW, he discovered he could eliminate all of those and replace them with one tech tool that would help him manage his database and level up his lead generation – Command.

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“Because I am able to automate most of my follow-ups and touches with my clients, Command helps me spend time focused on more lead-generating activities and money-making activities,” he says. “Before coming to Keller Williams, I was paying for around $400 a month for several different systems and multiple databases. With Command, it’s free, and currently I can run Facebook ads, have email drips and follow up with clients, all in one system.”

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From Solo Act to Team Builder

Having exponential growth early on in his career cemented Gutierrez’s belief that he didn’t want to run his business as a solo agent. “What I realized after having 40-plus transactions in one year is that it was busier than what I wanted to do on my own,” he says. “And I was perfectly fine with giving some of that business away in order to help other people grow their business and to stabilize myself so that I can enjoy a life worth having.”

As Command helped ease the drain on his time and budget, Gutierrez was able to shift himself from thinking like an agent to thinking like a business owner and recently added a third new hire to his team.

“With the money that I saved coming to Keller Williams and with Command, I was able to hire a full-time assistant this year without compromising my profits, and buy back about 20 hours a week for my life and for my family,” he says.

He also appreciates the immediate benefits and opportunities Command offers agents who are new to the business.

“With Command, if I’m a new agent and I don’t have a lead source, I can piggyback on somebody else’s listing and create an ad in Command to generate incoming leads,” Gutierrez says. “That’s not possible in other brokerages, so I think it’s a huge benefit.”

A Bigger Life

It’s been less than a year since Gutierrez linked up with KW, but his family – and his weekends – have already witnessed huge changes as he’s regained balance between his work and home lives.

“After joining Keller Williams, my family has definitely noticed a difference in me being around,” he says. “The tools and the systems and the structure that I’ve been able to put into place have allowed me to enjoy time away from work, so when I get home, I’m off. Weekends are stress-free, out kayaking, fishing and just having a blast with the family.”

As a father, Gutierrez long yearned to be an active participant in his son’s Cub Scout troop, but in the past, work always kept him away.

“I just didn’t have the time to do it,” he says. “Now that I’ve made the transition to Keller Williams, I haven’t missed a campout. The time that we spend together out in nature and fishing and hiking, you just can’t put a dollar figure on that.”

Curious about what a life at Keller Williams could look like for you?

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