Ten Iconic Magazine Covering Influential Women

Ten Iconic Magazine Covering Influential Women: Over the year, magazines have played a major part in shaping women’s liberation and accelerating the use of feature stories and compelling images. In this article we have examined some of the world’s most influential coverage for International Women’s Day, where the magazine and the women covering the issue of the statute quo have been questioned and helped increase the level of women’s freedom.

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    Glamour College, 1968

In 1968, Harvard Bachelor Katiti Kironde, the first black model on a cover of a major American magazine, was listed in Glamour’s cover. In the Time of Katiti’s cover in a country with civil rights and the Black Power Revolution, the fashion industry and America became an iconic shift. This problem is the best-selling problem for Glamour.

More recently, in 2020, reported, “The major magazines celebrated blackness on their covers almost three times more than their combined number in the previous 90 years 90 in the 90 days since George Floyd’s death during the custody of the Minneapolis police.” We saw this firsthand at Readly in 2020.

  • Demi Moore, Vanity Fair, 1991

In 1991, Demi Moore’s magazine covers picture was considered by many ‘scandalous’ and ‘indecent’ while being seven months pregnant. Many supermarket stores are claimed to have rolled this magazine in paper and called it pornographic borderline. As a result of the coverage, a group began to question and reform the way women were seen during their pregnancy and the positive trend in society that brought pregnancy images to the fore.

  • Ellen DeGeneres, Time Magazine, 1997

1997 1997 In her television set, Ellen DeGeneres made world headlines. The cover story in Time magazine was followed up and altered for once by the LGBTQ dialogue. No female, gay lead actors were on US television before then. Up until then. She has, however, challenged social standards and has sent her message to the world using a magazine cover.

  • Dixie Chicks, Entertainment Weekly, 2003

What was supposed to be freedom of speech in 2003 led to the Dixie Chicks being boycotted by the radio stations and to the death threats and song bans. The lead singer Natalie Maines spoke at a concert in London against then-President George W. Bush and said, “We’re on the right side, so that you know, for you all. We don’t want this war, this abuse, and we’re disappointed that the US President is from Texas.”

The band is featured nude on an additional cover of the Entertainment Weekly with notes drawn on their skin. The coverage of the magazine represented a historical moment when the influential women decided to comment and declined to apologize. In 2006 the group released the single ‘Not ready to do something good,’ which is one of the best selling songs recorded about the incident.

  • Are you Mom Enough, Time Magazine, 2012

The 2012 Time magazine sent a frenzy of keyboard guerrillas with their cover ‘Are You Mom Enough’ No question Time has made a provocative and contentious cover. The article does not deal with Jamie Lynne Grumet, whose three-year-old son features on the cover. It is instead on the parental philosophy of Dr. Bill Sears’ attachment. But Jamie was approached by Time due, among others, to her then blog, which featured her insights, and she wrote about breastfeeding. A strong magazine cover combined provocative imagery with the cover story.

  • Caitlyn Jenner, Vanity Fair, 2015

The words ‘Wow’ were certainly on most people’s lips when they saw the trans woman Caitlyn Jenner was covering the Vanität Fair in 2015. The cover caught the moment when she told the public about her new identity and how. This cover is one of the finest women’s liberation magazines in history.

  • New York Magazine, 2016

In July 2016, a haunting cover of the 35 women accusing Bil Cosby of sexual attack was released by the New York Magazine. The additional aspect that made this cover so striking was the vacant chair that most certainly symbolized women. He said, “Your chair is this?” A powerful portrait and cover for your publication.

  • The “Silence Breakers,” Time Magazine, 2017

Time magazine awarded its Person of the Year 2017 to women who speak out on behalf of the #methoo campaign against sexual assault and sexual violence at work. The arm on the bottom right of the cover is the unidentified lady who has already been recorded anonymously. These courageous women talked and started a campaign that told women worldwide that they are not alone.

  • Breonna Taylor, O Magazine, 2020

A magazine covers picture from Breoana Taylor, shot fatally by the police at home in March of last year, was presented in the September 20, 2020 edition of O Magazine. The death of Breonna caused an uproar, with people demanding the detention and indictment of officials and the launch of a movement called SayHerName. For the first Time in 20 years, the cover of Breona Taylor O magazine was not published on Oprah’s cover, which symbolizes the importance of her passing.

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