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Ten interiors with textured wall finishes by Clayworks


Promotion: an office with plaster walls that looks like rammed earth and a hotel bar with ombre walls, which fade from fiery red to burnt orange feature in this roundup of interiors finished in custom plaster walls by British brand Clayworks.

Also featured is a shop interior with mint-green walls that have a limewash-like appearance and a home with corrugated clay feature walls.

“Clay plasters have the ability to elevate an ordinary space into an extraordinary experience,” said Clayworks. “The beauty and aesthetic opportunities of working with clay, combined with contemporary material science, serve as an endless source of inspiration for architects and designers worldwide.”

Read on for 10 interiors with textured wall finishes by Clayworks:

Yellow-hued double-height home interior with an oculus
Photo by Gilbert McCarragher

Gold Flake Demi Rustic finishes at Hundred Acre Wood House, UK

Minerals resembling gold flakes were added to Claywork’s Demi Rustic clay plaster finish to create a seamless, light-diffusing wall surface at the Hundred Acre Wood House in Loch Awe, Scotland.

Designed by architecture studio Denizen Works, the textured surface was chosen to add depth and intrigue to the interior, with a robust finish that suits the monumental design of the house.

Teahouse interior with frosted glass and rammed earth screens
Photo by Edmund Sumner

Rammed Earth and Fading Straw Arakabe Ombre finishes at The Teahouse, UK

Clayworks collaborated with architecture and design studio Sasa Works to create The Teahouse, a space designed to showcase the relationship between natural materials and handcrafted ones, which was unveiled at the 2023 Surface Design Show.

Rammed Earth and Fading Straw Arakabe Ombre finishes were used in the setting to create “an atmosphere of harmony and balance”.

Curved burnt-orange alcove in a restaurant with red bench seating and a chandelier
Photo by James McDonald

Colour Ombre Fade finish at The Red Room: Connaught Hotel, UK

The Red Room is a bar in The Connaught Hotel in Mayfair, London, designed by Bryan O’Sullivan Studio, which features walls finished in a red-to-orange clay plaster gradient.

A Clayworks technical team based in Cornwall researched and created several pigment proposals for Bryan O’Sullivan Studio before arriving at the fiery colour ombre final outcome.

Pink shop display wall by Clayworks with shelving
Photo by Christian Neuenschwander

Custom Colour and Texture Ombre Fade finishes at Oro de Cacao, Germany

For the Oro de Cacoa chocolate shop in Zurich, Switzerland, by architecture studio Moser Wegenstein, Clayworks designed a pink ombre wall finish made from natural minerals and pigments.

The fade in colour from deep to light pink was also paired with a fade in texture, from a rough plaster texture at the top of the wall to a softer, more subtle texture at the bottom.

Shop interior with Clayworks rammed earth wall and rammed earth display islands
Photo by Edmund Sumner

Rammed Earth finish at Fellow, USA

Walls and display plinths finished Claywork’s Rammed Earth surfaces feature in the Fellow coffee retail shop in Los Angeles, USA, designed by Studio Mai.

Clayworks designed a custom Rammed Earth design for the shop interior that references the geography of California and creates a unique shopping experience.

Restaurant interior with rammed earth wall and black chairs
Photo by ZAC and ZAC

Rammed Earth finish at Gaucho, UK

For the Guacho restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland, which was designed by hospitality design studio Design LSM, Clayworks created a tough-textured rammed earth surface with hues of grey, sand and red that reference the Pampas landscapes of Argentina.

The earthen feature wall aims to add a calming and comforting quality to the multi-sensory restaurant interior.

Restaurant interior with an orange ombre wall, black pendant lights, bench seating and wooden tables and chairs
Photo courtesy of Lamington Group

Colour Ombre Fade finish at Room2, UK

Room2 is a hotel in Chiswick, London, that claimed to be the world’s first whole-life, net-zero carbon hotel when it opened in 2021.

According to Clayworks, clay wall surfaces in an ombre terracotta-coloured finish were chosen for the hotel interior for their low-carbon qualities due to their raw and unprocessed state.

A room with green Clayworks walls and steps
Photo by Paul Riddle courtesy of Self-Portrait

Custom Corrugated and Mint Green Tonal finishes at Self-Portrait Kings Road, UK

Mint green clay walls with markings reminiscent of limewash and custom corrugated textures by Clayworks characterise the interior of the Self-Portrait Kings Road store, designed by Self-Portrait founder and creative director Han Chong in collaboration with New York-based architect Andreas Kostopoulos.

“By leveraging on minimalism, materiality, and colour, we wanted to create an intimate, sensory and focused experience, free from any interferences or visually distracting architectural qualities and functions that can typically overwhelm retail environments,” said Kostopoulos.

Dining room interior with a striped rug and wooden table and chairs
Photo by Diaz and Alexander

Custom Slim Corrugated Clay Plaster finish at Fulton Avenue, USA

Designed by architecture studio Diaz and Alexander Studio, the Fulton Avenue home in Los Angeles, USA, features soft, neutral tones and raw materials.

Clayworks created a custom corrugated clay plaster that was applied as a feature wall in several rooms, adding texture and irregularity to the home interior.

Claywork rammed earth wall finish in a dark room
Photo by Alex Treadway

Rammed Earth finish at CBRE Offices Glasgow, UK

Claywork’s Rammed Earth collection of finishes is made from natural clay, minerals and sand to achieve a surface that appears as though it is made from rammed earth.

The 10-millimetre-thick surface was used on the walls of this office interior in Glasgow to “bring the beauty of raw earth into an urban workspace” and improve the acoustic and thermal performance of the space.

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