The Biggest Revelations in Jill Duggar’s Book Counting the Cost


Jim Bob Sent in the Siblings When Jill and Derick Distance Themselves

Jill recalls her father’s response when she and Derick told him to speak to their attorney after, she writes, Jim Bob refused Jill’s request to see the contract she signed on her wedding day regarding her compensation (or lack thereof) for her participation in 19 Kids and Counting.

Without naming names, Jill describes “a consolidated effort from several of my siblings” to reason with her. “They hit the phones, sending voicemails and texts all day long, each one pleading with us to get this resolved. When that didn’t work, some of my siblings started visiting. They’d want to spend hours talking it through, trying to figure out what our problem was and why we weren’t doing what Pops wanted.”

One of her siblings broke ranks, Jill adds, telling her that Jim Bob had warned all of them that “if we don’t stand against you both on this, then we’re standing against him.”

Jill writes that, once she and Derick questioned why they hadn’t been paid, Jim Bob and Michelle offered their grown kids a one-time payment of $80,000 to “start their lives.”

Eventually, Jill writes, she and Derick received $175,000 for their years on TV.


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