The Legacy Of Zelda: Seven Games Inspired By Zelda You Can Play Right Now


Want something along the lines of Breath of the Wild? MiHoYo has you covered with Genshin Impact, a game that takes a lot from Nintendo’s latest Zelda adventure. Genshin stands out on this list as a full-featured experience on mobile, and unlike the rest of the games here, it is free to play. Of course, Genshin has plenty of gacha mechanics to spend money on for new characters and weapons, but you don’t have to engage with it in that way to enjoy what it has to offer. You can explore a big, colorful, anime-inspired open world with mountains to climb and glide down from. While you start as The Traveler, you’re not confined to using just one character. In fact, you’re encouraged to build a team of four to adventure with, each with its own weapons and elemental affinities. 

Genshin is a live game, meaning updates and events are happening all the time. Next week on July 21, will be the release of Genshin Impact 2.0 and the debut of a new area called Inazuma. Give it a try on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, iOS, and Android.


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