The PvP Resident Evil Game RE: Verse Is Delayed To 2022

Capcom has confirmed that RE: Verse, the Resident Evil PvP game that was revealed alongside Resident Evil Village, has been delayed until 2022. The company has also confirmed that new launch details will be revealed at a “later time,” though a timeframe has not been offered quite yet. 

Taking to the official Resident Evil Twitter account, Capcom delivered the news of the delay with a brief message to fans: “The previously announced July 2021 launch of Resident Evil RE: Verse is being moved to 2022 so that the team can continue working to deliver a smooth gameplay experience. We will share updated launch details at a later time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

While many players enjoyed Project Resistance, a spin-off multiplayer experience set within the Resident Evil universe, RE: Verse is an all-out PvP journey that pits iconic characters against one another. It brings back familiar heroes such as Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy, but you can play as the baddies, too, like with Mr. X. The multiplayer spin-off will feature familiar character models for the game, assuming with future updates post-launch and bringing players incentive to keep enjoying what RE: Verse wants to offer. 

When RE: Verse was first announced, Capcom was very clear that this is a fun additional Resident Evil experience to help celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary. It’s one of the “many” ways that the company celebrated earlier this year, including an anime show that is now available on Netflix and a new live-action movie reboot

Thoughts on the Resident Evil PvP experience as a whole and its delay? Sound off in the comment section below; Jill Valentine would want you to. 

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