This Legend Of Zelda Cosplay Beautifully Brings Link And Dark Link Together


The Legend of Zelda week continues here at Game Informer! We’ve talked about some of our favorite memories, we streamed some Skyward Sword HD, and now we want to celebrate the community even more with a really darn impressive Link and Dark Link cosplay. Because why not? 

One cosplay that we found in our hunt for community goodness comes by way of the sisterly duo known as Guzzardi Art & Cosplay. The two sisters hail from Australia, and their cosplay talent is on a whole other level. Through the art of makeup and special effects with clothing alterations, this pair knows how to bring some of our favorite characters to life in the best way possible. Since it’s Legend of Zelda week, however, let’s dive into their Nintendo takes:

The two sisters are no strangers to pulling off exquisite gender-bent cosplays, and the Dark Link with the Link we know and love proves exactly that. Using makeup to create more recognizable features to the Nintendo icon, the above cosplay is the perfect tribute to our silent protagonist. 

If you’re interested in cosplay and learning more about just how much makeup can bring a creative vision to a god-tier level, we highly recommend you check out the rest of their work here. From anime to a plethora of games, this duo knows how to bring the heat when it comes to sharing their creative passions with the world. 

Cosplay is just one of many ways fans can share their love of a favorite gaming series with the rest of the community, and it’s a part of fandom that inspires that creative urge to make wonderful things! If you like Legend of Zelda and cosplay, you should also check out this stunning Urbosa cosplay. Be sure to check out our dedicated Legend of Zelda celebration hub linked in the image below to see even more of our ongoing coverage, including opinion pieces, hopes for the future, and some more effortless gameplay! 


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