This Unofficial ‘Life-Sized’ LEGO Mario Can Be Yours For, Erm, $900


Bricker Builds - LEGO Mario
Image: Bricker Builds

Thanks to Nintendo and LEGO’s ongoing partnership, LEGO Mario is now a real thing that exists – you can still order one and everything! – but that isn’t stopping others from sharing their own designs, including this mammoth take on our favourite moustachioed plumber.

Bricker Builds, a group of designers and artists based in Atlanta, Georgia, is offering up a custom design of Mario (and a Power-Up Mushroom) for your consideration. The builds aren’t endorsed by Nintendo; instead, they’re essentially sold as a big bundle of official LEGO bricks that happen to combine to make popular characters, and instructions come included with your purchase.

This unofficial LEGO Mario takes nearly 5,000 bricks to build and is described as ‘life-sized’, which in this case actually works out at “over 2 feet tall”. Bricker Builds says that “if you purchase the bricks through us, you’ll be getting brand new, official LEGO bricks fulfilled by Canada First Bricks, the largest and most trusted 3rd party brick supplier in North America.”

As our headline has already given away, this thing isn’t cheap. Mario costs a whopping $899 USD, while the Power-Up Mushroom will set you back $175; you can use code ‘PowerUp21’ when buying both together to receive $75 off.

So, what d’ya think? Would a two-foot Mario transform your living room? Do you have a ridiculously valued copy of Super Mario 64 lying around that could generate the necessary funds? Let us know in the usual place.


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