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This week we reported that the AI boom “could come to a fairly swift end”

AI boom

This week on Dezeen, we reported that one of AI’s leading voices, Gary Marcus, believes that the potential impacts of generative AI may be overblown.

Writing in a blog post, scientist Marcus stated that generative artificial intelligence (AI) such as ChatGPT “probably isn’t going to have the impact people seem to be expecting”.

Also as part of our AItopia series, we explored the potential copyright implications the increasing use of AI could have for designers and architects.

Sail-powered cargo ship
A cargo ship took its first wind-powered voyage

This week saw a cargo ship take its maiden wind-powered voyage after being retrofitted with rigid sails. The ship’s creators believe its sails could reduce fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent.

Also aiming to reduce its carbon impact, car brand Lamborghini unveiled the concept for its first all-electric vehicle.

O-SOW by Avia Revivi
Avia Revivi created seeded toilet paper

In design news, we reported on biodegradable toilet paper that integrates seeds to encourage plant growth when disposed of outdoors.

Created by industrial design student Avia Revivi, the paper is aimed at hikers who “prefer to sow and fertilise the earth, rather than leave human waste behind”.

Skyscrapers on East River in Brooklyn under construction
A pair of under-construction skyscrapers designed by Selldorf Architects were revealed

In America, images were revealed of a pair of skyscrapers designed by Selldorf Architects after reaching full height on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Named One Domino Square, the pair of towers will be clad in porcelain when they are complete.

Wolf Prix
Wolf Prix spoke about The Line in Saudi Arabia

In other architecture news, we spoke to Wolf Prix – one of the first architects to have worked on the Neom project to be interviewed.

In the exclusive interview about The Line megaproject, he called out the potential hypocrisy of some studios working on the project.

“A lot of people who said ‘we will not work in Russia because of Putin’, are now working in Saudi Arabia,” he told Dezeen. “This is a kind of tricky argument.”

Entrance view of Mountain House by Chris van Niekerk
A minimalist house in Cape Town was one of this week’s most-read stories

Popular projects on Dezeen this week included a minimalist house in Cape Town’s Steenberg mountains, a tea pavilion in Somaliland and a Singapore office block covered in a “cascade of garden terraces”.

Our latest lookbooks featured art deco interiors and interiors that feature reclaimed and recycled materials.

This week on Dezeen

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