10 Safe Hacks to help you Watch Videos Together with Friends Online 


Watching Videos Online with friends made easier with these top tricks.

The coronavirus situation in the country has made socializing quite difficult. Those days are far gone when you could meet with your friends and have an entertaining night out. With the current situation at hand, even your everyday Netflix gatherings might have been postponed. As a result, you might have given up on finding ways to watch videos online with some of your best buddies.

There are other instances as well where you are unable to watch that much-awaited episode or film without your friends. A prime example of such an instance could be the distance factor. A friend of yours could be abroad and can’t make it in time. Another situation could be that you might find it difficult to settle a date due to work or personal issues that would keep you from being in the same room with your buddy.

If you think that there’s no hope for an online binge-watching session, you won’t have to worry at all. All thanks to the World Wide Web, you can get access to multiple ways to watch TV shows and movies online in a hassle-free way. No matter where and how far your friend lives, all you need is a good internet connection along with a laptop and you are good to go.

Watch TV shows and movies together with friends

Here are the top platforms you can consider to watch TV shows and movies:

  • Netflix Party

Netflix is one of the best entertainment hubs you can find on the internet. It is full of exciting and thrilling TV shows and movies. It has content for all kinds of audiences that makes it probably the most popular video-watching application.

Netflix Party is more like a chrome extension that is designed for you and your friends to watch a TV show in a private room. You can comment and discuss on the show by simply creating a private watch-party room. One downside to the platform is that all the room’s participants should have a separate Netflix account.

  • Watch2gether

Here is another option for your squad to watch your favorite TV shows at the same time. Watch2gether is a platform quite similar to Netflix Party. The only major difference is that Watch2gether has a feature that allows you and your friends to listen to the same music together online through a party room.

One of the better things about the website is that the rooms are customizable. You can chat between videos and create a home-like atmosphere in your room for a much better experience.

  • Sync Video

Sync Video is one of the easiest ways to watch videos together online with your best buddies. The user interface of the website is easy to get through and provides a great first-time user experience. A popular feature of the site is that it instantly supports YouTube sync that requires you to enter a video URL and then you are good to go.

  • Together TV

Another top option that you can consider is Together TV. Just like its competitors. Together TV too has a built-in room feature that allows you and your friends to watch videos together.

One of the best things about the website is that it offers a unique Windows client that helps you stream directly from your computer. The site doesn’t require any kind of registration and only requires a shareable link to get started.

  • AndChill

If you are looking for an online platform to solely stream YouTube and Twitch videos, AndChill is the best choice for you. AndChill is pretty easy to use as it only requires you to create a room with a sub-URL of your choice. You can create a customizable playlist by simply adding video URLs.

Using AndChill gives a theatre-like feeling due to its amazing user interface. It offers you to choose a seat just like you would choose in a real theatre setting. Overall, the platform is a highly recommended site for you to take advantage of.

  • Rabbit

If you are looking for a completely free video watching platform with your friends, Rabbit is the place to go. With lots of exciting features on hand, the site is simple to use and guarantees a good user experience for your squad.

  • Syncplay

If you are looking for privacy with your friends while watching a particular video, Syncplay is one of the best options for you to consider. Syncplay is an application that has to be installed on your computer to use. Each room member should have the application installed to access it at the same time.

Like most of its competitors, Syncplay is fairly easy to use and understand. However, a downside to the app is that you should have a working media player such as VLC to play a particular video.

  • myCircle TV

The myCircle website has a look similar to a video-conferencing platform. The site helps you sync videos and sets up a conferencing mode for your friends to watch it together. An admirable feature of the platform is that you can upload your favorite videos on the website’s cloud and then add them to your private room.

Users can add videos from YouTube, Twitch, Dailymotion, and so on. The site also has a filtering search option for all your relevant queries. There is no payment required as the platform is free to use which makes it a good option for you to consider.

  • twoseven

Here is another feasible option for you to watch videos together online. It is a browser extension very similar to Netflix Party. The extension support a variety of streaming services such as HBO, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. You can avail of further premium streaming services as well if you are willing to buy a particular package.

  • Rave

Rave is a proper smartphone application that is supported by both Android and iOS devices. You can directly login through Google or Facebook to watch videos together online with your friends. The application is overall easy to use and it only takes a tap to create a room.

With the presence of such websites and applications, you can easily watch your favorite video content with your family and friends with ease. All of the mentioned sources are of top quality and provide high-quality services to their users.

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