Why Brian Cox Hasn’t Watched That Shocking Succession Episode


While millions of viewers were left stunned by the recent events on Succession, Brian Cox couldn’t be bothered. 

During the April 9 episode of the HBO drama, Cox’s character Logan Roy finally met his end, dying after a medical episode while on a flight to Sweden. As to what it was like watching his onscreen family and associates react to his death? Well, the actor wouldn’t know as he still hasn’t gotten around to seeing it.

“I never watch any of it,” Cox revealed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert April 10, “if I can possibly avoid it.”

When host Stephen Colbert reacted in shock, the 76-year-old corrected himself a bit, saying, “That’s not true. There are moments that I’ve watched. There are scenes I watch. But I don’t think I’ve ever watched a full episode.”

The Emmy winner explained that it’s not for a lack of appreciation for the show itself, but rather his own hang-ups about watching himself on screen.

“My view is it’s bad enough doing it without having to watch it,” Cox said with a laugh. “I always think I look like the Elephant Man. It’s body dysmorphia.”


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