3 Reasons Why College Football Is So Popular


All the reasons to know why college football is so popular

College football in some parts of America is considered much bigger than the NFL in terms of the excitement it brings out. People worship the game in general but when it comes to popularity, the college league games somehow outweigh even the best of official league matches in the country.

There is something raw and intimidating about how the college teams play and respect the game. You usually find an electric atmosphere filled with a hostile yet peaceful crowd in the college leagues.

So, why is college football is so popular

If you are an outsider or even a proud citizen of the country, it wouldn’t be normal for you to not have wondered about the popularity of college football.

There are plenty of reasons why college football is so popular. Here are some for you to find out:

  • Passionate and loyal fans

The most important thing about a sports team is its fans. Without the fans, a particular team wouldn’t go a long way. Luckily in college football, you will find fans who are not just loyal to their favorite teams but also quite passionate about the game.

It is quite common to find marching bands, pre-game rituals, and other exciting stuff that takes place during college league games. Even if you don’t love the sport like any normal individual, you would certainly feel the energy generated by the fans created during the cup games.

  • Bundles of talent

 NFL ( National Football League ) gains most of its gem players right after the college league season ends. Colleges in states like South Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee are known to produce some of the best footballing talents.

Big names such as Herschel Walker, Billy Sims, and Peyton Manning are some of the products of college football being played for about 150 years.

Most of these personalities come from southern and neighboring states making it easier to understand also why college football is so popular in the south.

  • Soul, Uniqueness and Authenticity

If you give attention to college sports, you would find a bit of genuineness in how the teams play. This is because the players aren’t corrupted yet. They are not tempted by the politics of the professional sports world, which makes them play the game with more honesty and commitment.

  • A different experience

Another reason why college football is so popular is because of its famous game-day experiences.  Most of these games are played inside the colleges’ premises surrounded by parks and green areas which certainly generates a fresh feeling around the game.

There are unique and wild celebrations after the games which include big parties with all kinds of celebratory food and drinks.

There is entertainment throughout the duration of the games with different bands, fight songs for each team, and a very charged up crowd.

People often compare college football with the NFL in terms of popularity. It might seem a bit harsh comparison on paper due to NFLs global reach but when it comes to enjoying the game, college football is much more superior.

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