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Youth Lab clinic by Nickolas Gurtler references 1970s Italian glamour


Australian designer Nickolas Gurtler has drawn from the nightclubs of 1970s Milan and Florence to create the interior for a cosmetic clinic in Perth, Australia.

It is the third interior that Gurtler has created for Youth Lab, a clinic that offers a range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments that include anti-ageing procedures, hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

Waiting area with mirror wall in Youth Lab 3.0 clinic interior design by Nickolas Gurtler
The waiting area features a mirror wall, gold lights and a green silk carpet

Located in Joondalup, Youth Lab 3.0 is the brand’s most experimental space so far.

While the two other locations – in Claremont and West Perth – occupy heritage buildings, this one is set inside a commercial block from the 1990s. This meant Gurtler could be more daring in his approach.

Youth Lab 3.0 clinic interior design by Nickolas Gurtler
A Dina Broadhurst artwork provides a focal point

While the design was partly informed by the brand’s minimalist identity, it also features playful details that include mirror walls and a grand geometric reception desk.

“There were some really outrageous and glamorous concepts that I really responded to and had filed away for the right project,” said Gurtler.

“When Youth Lab approached us again for their third clinic, I knew that this was the right time to bring them to life.”

Marble reception desk in Youth Lab 3.0 clinic interior design by Nickolas Gurtler
The reception desk is formed of Arabescato marble and Venetian plaster

The starting point was the palette of forms and materials that Gurtler has worked with previously for the brand, which includes decorative marble, plush velvet and metal cabinetry.

While the Claremont space that Gurtler designed for the brand has a New York loft vibe, here these elements are paired with shades of olive green and gold to create a more retro Italian feel.

“This language is a kind of style guide for us on each project,” said Gurtler.

“Common elements such as mixed metals, monolithic forms, plush textures and rich colour are used in each of the clinics, but we translate these elements completely differently each time.”

Youth Lab 3.0 clinic interior design by Nickolas Gurtler
The colour palette centres around olive green and gold

Arabescato marble is combined with Venetian plaster and polished aluminium to create the cuboidal forms of the reception desk, which sits beneath a custom glass and brass lighting pendant by designer Lost Profile Studio.

A large gridded mirror installation provides the backdrop to a waiting area furnished with a green silk carpet, a blocky marble coffee table and sculptural white armchairs.

Youth Lab 3.0 clinic interior design by Nickolas Gurtler
A sculpture by American potter Jonathan Adler sits in front of a second mirror wall

Rows of golden-hued ceiling lights are reflected in the mirrors, doubling their visual impact, and an artwork by Dina Broadhurst creates another focal point.

As customers are led through for treatment, they also encounter a second mirror wall, a ceramic by American potter Jonathan Adler, custom wall lights and brass door numbers.

Youth Lab 3.0 clinic interior design by Nickolas Gurtler
Custom lighting scones embellish the walls

Youth Lab 3.0 was longlisted for Dezeen Awards 2022 in the leisure and wellness interior category, along another of Gurtler’s designs, the Cole Hair Studio.

The designer hopes the space offers “an immersive and sensorial experience which is as much invigorating as it is calming”.

“The Youth Lab experience is a luxury and the interior reflects that,” he added.

The photography is by Timothy Kaye.


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