3 Travel Skincare Essentials for All Skin Types

Going on a vacation and super confused about what skincare products to pack in your bag?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

We have handpicked 3 travels skincare products, that are easy to carry and cover all skincare essentials for all skin types.

Soap & Glory Total Drama Clean:

You can’t travel without a makeup remover and this makeup remover is the best one out there. It comes in a very cute travel-friendly packaging, its 5 in 1 micellar cleansing water instant-effectively removes dirt, impurities, and makeup just in one sweep. It has a very gentle formula that makes it for useable for all skin types, won’t leave your skin dry or dull and you won’t have to rinse your face with water after.

From stubborn liquid matte lipsticks to tough foundation formulas, it will efficiently remove all makeup without causing any redness. With its micellar cleansing technology magnetizes dirt and makeup from the pores. This makeup remover is magic in a bottle and you won’t need any other remover in your travel bag.

E.L.F Face Cleanser:

No one can imagine traveling without a cleanser, cleansing is a very important step of every skincare routine and even if you’re traveling, a good skincare routine should be carried out to look flawless in all those travel photos. The E.L.F Face Cleanser is formulated with a gentle formula and is suitable for all skin types. It’s perfect for using it in the morning to deeply remover impurities and dirt from your skin.

It will also keep your skin in check because different environments can cause your skin to react differently. Using this gentle cleanser will brighten up your skin and you will experience a visible glow. It’s a paraben and sulfate-free formula won’t cause any skin irritation and protect your skin from any skin problems making it the perfect product to carry with you wherever you go.

Revolution Skincare CBD Essence Spray:

For an instant boost of refreshment, this hydrating mist by the Makeup Revolution is enriched with CBD extract. You need this product in your travel bag because it will help to nourish and soothe your skin. In any case of redness or skin problem on the go, it will control the symptoms and it’s a product for all skin types.

Lightly spray it over your skin before applying makeup and before going to bed, your skin will feel refreshed and it will balance the PH levels as well. Shake it well before using and spritz it over your face from a 20cm distance. The good thing about using Makeup Revolution products are that they are cruelty-free and vegan, and extremely reliable.

You can shop for these travel skincare goodies from and enjoy your vacation without worrying about a skin disaster!


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