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7 Best Gardening Magazines


Best Magazines to Help You in Gardening!

Gardening is an intriguing passion to take up. Some like gardening as it helps them find solace from the boredom and responsibilities of everyday monotony, others simply love their greens and are obsessed with making their backyard look amazing. Gardening magazines are one of the best ways to fan the flame of gardening. They offer gardening inspiration, ideas that will keep you hooked, fresh concepts, and of course, lots of helpful tidbits! We will list down a few magazines that are ideal to subscribe to. There is something for everyone, from a beginner to an advanced level gardener! Read below all about – 7 Best Gardening Magazines.

Best Gardening Magazines:


Best Gardening Magazines
Below are the Best Magazines to Help You in Gardening!

1) Better Homes and Gardens:

This is one of our favorite gardening magazines. As soon as you see the cover, you are convinced that this magazine is not for a light read. It covers all the details that you could need regarding gardening. While it makes for a lovely decorative addition on your coffee table, it also comes with the latest designs and horticulture buttons that you could use in your gardening. First issued in 1922 Better Homes and Gardens is the fourth best-selling magazine in all of the US. In addition to gardening, you get a lot of DIY tips along with recipes for your favorite dishes.

2) BBC Gardeners’ World:

This is the U.K.’s largest-selling specialist magazine. The reason for this success is quite obvious. BBC Gardeners World Magazine has more than 1 million readers. Monty Don,  Carol Klein, and of course Joe Swift offer their expert advice in gardening in this fantastic magazine that seems to cover every single thing. While it boasts the names of some famous gardeners and that helpful tips it also helps you in doing the basic stuff from growing flowers cultivating veggies and even just starting as a beginner. You can find content regarding wildlife regarding beautification of your garden ideas and tips which will help you save space, or fill space it is all up to you.

3) Fine Gardening:

Fine Gardening is the number one choice magazine for gardeners. There are lots of reasons behind this; The advice fine gardening has to offer is very simple but it is to the point and it makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. Fine Gardening is the gold standard for gardening, it has wonderful pictures, quality content, and tidbits from the very best gardeners from all around the world. Fine Gardening also does a feature where they include some of the best gardens from all around the world. This is a lovely way to inspire beginners and experts alike in making sure that they also become the best. The people at Fine Gardening also run a podcast, that is a bonus which helps us rank Fine Gardening so highly on our list.

4) Horticulture Magazine:

Horticulture magazine has been around for more than a hundred years. The reason behind their longevity is that their focus remains on the technical and scientific reasons behind better gardening. Their punchline is “The Art and Science of Smart Gardening”, and that is exactly what they deliver. The bimonthly magazine covers a wide range of noteworthy gardens all across the United States, as well as, the world. This is a fantastic way of inspiring gardeners to keep up the good work in their backyard. The writers at Horticulture Magazine are known for providing information on plants of all sizes and shapes for all gardens, along with making sure that your garden smartly and efficiently. From garden maintenance, aiding beneficial wildlife, to providing tips on garden pests, plant diseases, and planting edibles, they have it all.

5) Gardens Illustrated:

Gardens Illustrated is a British magazine that is available for purchase in North America. Every issue of this magazine is filled with some of the best pictures of some of the most beautiful gardens from all across the world. They publish around 13 issues annually and the issues contain valuable information on landscaping in your garden, beautifying every nook and corner, and insights from the world’s best plants people, and designers. If you want to subscribe online, you also get a weekly newsletter and their online app offers a wide range of information which includes advice, editorial features, and several other tips that could boost the greens in your garden.

6) Garden Gate Magazine:

This is one of our favorite magazines. If you, like us, are not a fan of advertisements in your magazines then Garden Gate Magazine is for you. However, this does not mean that they do not have enough color for pages, instead the colors are in abundance and are filled with features and challenges all related to gardening. If ever there was an issue that combined aesthetics with quality content, it is Garden Gate Magazine. They push you to do well so that you can also participate in the “Before-After” challenge, Designer challenge, and staying alert on the Weed Watch. There is something for everyone in this magazine and you always find something new to learn.

7) Mother Earth Gardener:

Sometimes all you want to do is curl up with a cup of tea and read a good magazine. If you share the same enthusiasm than Mother Earth Gardner is for you although their focus is mainly on organic gardening. It is your one-stop source for every single thing regarding organic gardening. Filled with plant information, growing guides, recipes, and pictures that serve the purpose of eye candy as well as inspiration. You will find information about vegetables that you may not even have heard of, before, plus their focus on organic gardening means that you find a host of information that would help you deal with pests. If you are interested in contributing then you can also share your stories as many readers often do. It is a jam-packed and fun-filled magazine that belongs on your coffee table!

There are many other great magazines on gardening, let us know your favorite ones!

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