Discord Mic not working? Easy Solutions for you to try in 2020


Learn all about the effective hacks to get your mic up and running on Discord

Imagine sitting on a highly entertaining chat session with your online buddies and your Discord mic stops working. Such a situation will surely ruin your time and you will be frustrated and desperate to find an immediate solution.

In recent times, you might have heard lots of user complaints regarding the Discord mic not working. You should know that it is a common issue and is easily resolvable. The issue with the mic can usually arise due to an external error or a minor bug that can disturb the functionality of the mic.

If you are having trouble finding out ways to put a permanent stop to the issue, you won’t have to worry at all. Here are a few guidelines that are bound to help you out:

  • Check for your device’s latest audio update

One of the most common reasons why people complain about the Discord audio not working is due to their system’s outdated drivers. It is recommended that you enable the ‘automatically update’ option to ensure that all your system drivers stay up-to-date. The best way to do this is to find suitable software that automatically looks for driver upgrades.

Such software would scan for troublesome drivers and would certainly look to replace them with new and efficient ones.

In case you don’t want to use the feature, you can also go for a manual check. This could be done by paying a visit to your audio card’s manufacturer’s website. The next thing to do could be to choose a driver that suits your Windows version to avoid compatibility issues.

  • Reset Discord audio settings

This might not seem like the most convenient solution but sometimes a bit of tinkering in voice settings is the way to solve your ‘Discord mic not working’ problem. All you have to do is to open the settings option on the Discord home webpage. Select the ‘Reset voice and audio’ tab and confirm your decision to proceed.

  • Try logging out and then log in

It would be quite surprising if you haven’t tried logging out and then logging in again to resolve the mic issue. If you haven’t, here is how to properly proceed with it:

  1. Go towards the lower left side of your screen to access the User option. Click on the ‘Log Out’ option and proceed towards the exit page.
  2. The next step is to renter your account credentials to log in again to see if the mic is still working or not.
  • Run Discord as Administrator

Whenever your Discord mic stops working, you could always try running it as an Administrator. The process is quite easy to complete. Just right click on the Discord icon, choose the administrator option, and confirm it. The next thing to do would be to send a sample audio message on Discord for ensuring that you have resolved the issue.

  • Enable the Automatic Input Sensitivity Option

Most users disable the input sensitivity option completely by accident when they uncheck on the ‘automatic input sensitivity’ feature. As a result, the application hardly picks up any sound for the mic to work properly. Make sure that you have selected the right feature to avoid any unnecessary audio and voice technicalities.

Even after trying all the listed techniques, you find that the mic is not working at full capacity, you can try reinstalling the app. If there are further issues, you can always contact the Discord complaint center to get prompt support.

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