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9 Things Your Wedding Guests Love

When you plan a wedding, many of your decisions make intend to please your guests. You organize an event where they can witness your love and union, and at the same time enjoy a nice meal and dance the night away. If you want to surprise and make your guests happy, we have nine ways to achieve it. Great diverse music.

Music is the heart of every wedding. While the ceremony is important and the most meaningful part of your event, most of the time will be spent on the dance floor. Choosing the right music is important for a successful wedding. Since it is your celebration, you should listen to your favorite tunes and include music everyone loves.

Hiring a live band or DJ is a great option since they are professionals who know how to read crowds. Depending on your guest’s age range, they will play some all-time hits, perhaps 60s or 80s classics, and the most recent hits.


Heartwarming Food

Wedding food sometimes gets too experimental with dishes that look pretty, but you have no idea what you are eating and portions that do not satisfy anyone. Being invited to a wedding implies getting ready early to be on time for the ceremony and perhaps waiting a couple of hours until the reception starts. By the time they arrive at your reception, chances are they will be starving, and a delicious dinner is a way to get to their hearts.

Think of meals you enjoy, simple and delicious. It does not have to be a prime steak or imported products. Your guests will appreciate local produce included in their dish and a menu they actually can pronounce.

Open Bar

When you attend a wedding, it is a moment to let loose and enjoy. Everyone wants to drink their favorite beer or wine and perhaps try a new and pretty signature cocktail. Asking your guests to pay for their drinks might limit the fun.

If you are organizing a budget-friendly wedding, keep it simple with beer, vodka, and wine. You can also add a cocktail with your favorite combination and name it as a signature cocktail for your wedding.

Easy RSVP Instructions

Technology has made everything simple for us; you can give your guests many options to RSVP, such as your wedding website, wedding email, or even thru text message. If you want to do it traditionally, include a stamped postcard or envelope and clear instructions regarding the information they need to fill.

You must establish a deadline date to RSVP, preferably o month before the wedding. By do in it that way, you have a couple of weeks to communicate with those who have not sent an answer.


Traditional weddings have music as entertainment, for example, a live band, instrument players, or a wedding DJ. But nowadays, there are many more options to have an experience-filled wedding with many entertainment alternatives to keep everyone having fun through the night.

A photo booth is one way to entertain and gift your guests a memory to keep. And there is no need to spend much of your budget; you can set up a space with wedding drapes DIY that is easy to install and save you money since you will only pay for the rent, and then make it extra special by adding a neon sign or giant LED letters.

Stunning Decorations

Hanging installations of greenery or lush florals have set the trend to impress your wedding guests. They serve as a focal point and transform the entire venue. Your guests will enjoy admiring it, and their pictures will look unique.

If hanging florals is not your thing, you can then go for concept lighting. Lighting is a great way to enhance your venue; you can change the color of the walls without much trouble just by setting up lights in the right places. And to create a dreamy effect, a starry ceiling projector will take your guests to the clouds without leaving your wedding venue.

Midnight Snacks

Who does not get hungry after dancing, taking pictures, and drinking cocktails? Well, your guests will be looking forward to your wedding end so they can pick their favorite 24-hour drive-thru and eat a midnight treat.

But what if they do not need to wait for your wedding to come to an end, and you hire a hotdog car, or a hamburger food truck, perhaps even a taco cart? It will be the perfect end to a magnificent event. Your guests will much appreciate the gesture.

Register at an Online Store.

First of all, we all appreciate a wedding registry. Even if you are close to the couple, it is hard to figure out what you want for your new home or if you need any household-related articles. The best you can do is to provide many options to your guests.

Choose a couple of national retail stores, an online store, and even add a bank account for those who want to contribute to your honeymoon or any other experience. And having an online option is ideal for those who live out of town or do not enjoy store shopping.

Song Requests

Accepting requests from your guests is the best way to keep them entertained and engaged. There are a couple of ways to do it; you can add a card to their invitations to fill in and send along with the RSVP. Another option is to send their selection to your wedding email or wedding website. And if you want to do it more spontaneously, there is always the pen and paper option. Do it at the moment will keep the party going and make your guests happy.

Being invited to a wedding is exciting, and when you feel like every detail was thoughtfully choose for you to enjoy the event, that makes a wedding memorable. We hope our tips help you make the right decision and plan the wedding of your dreams while making your guests happy.

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