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Everything you didn’t know about Aaron Rodgers’s short cameo in Game of Thrones

Get to know more about the Green Bay Packer’s Aaron Rodgers obsession with one of the most iconic drama series

When we talk about the best TV shows ever brought on screen, Game of Thrones would always be included in the top charts. With its breathtaking action scenes backed by an amazing storyline, the mega-series has grabbed a lot of attention throughout the entertainment industry. Read below all about Aaron Rodgers’s game of thrones.

It is not surprising at all that even big celebrity names have also found the show quite fascinating and a treat to watch. One of those big names is our very own NFL’s Green Bay Packer’s, Aaron Rodgers.  The star quarterback has never been shy about his obsession with the drama series. Aaron has been a part of a specific group of people that give their theories and predict fates of the important game of thrones characters such as Jon Snow and Arya Stark. It would be safe to assume, Aaron Rodgers is highly obsessed with the famous TV series.

About Aaron Rodgers Game of Thrones cameo

Even if you aren’t a keen watcher of the series, you would have surely missed Aaron Rodgers Game of Thrones‘ appearance. The cameo performance was a bit sneaky, to say the least as the popular quarterback didn’t have much to do in the scene.

However like in real life, Aaron Rodgers in Game of Thrones was also on the frontline representing Queen Cersei’s army. In the short appearance, Aaron can be seen dressed as an archer ready to strike awaiting the queen’s orders.

The NFL star quarterback didn’t mind much regarding the importance and the duration of his role as he was just happy to be a part of his favorite show. Just before the fifth episode came up, Aaron had been hinting about the episode’s importance and how good it’s going to be.

Even before the cameo performance, Rodgers had also done a promo clip back in 2018. In the clip, Aaron can be seen talking fondly about the mega fantasy series. He also expressed some of his own made theories that were quite popular amongst the fans at the time.

For those of us who didn’t know about what happened in Episode 5, you surely missed a peach of an episode. The mad king’s daughter finally showed her father’s side as she rode out to King’s landing on the back of Drogon. Daenerys Targaryen made sure that Euron Greyjoy’s fleet was left to ashes and there was none left in the Lannister army. This is the part where Aaron Rodger’s game of thrones cameo ended as the Targaryen Queen burned the army to the ground.

If you are a fan of the NFL star, you surely would have hoped for Rodgers to at least take some enemy numbers down with his archer skills just like he runs down his opponents in the NFL with his natural talent in Football.

However, the episode continued with the same flow as the now turned mad queen turned her rage towards the innocent people of the Red Keep. Not many of us including Aaron would have thought about the scenes to follow. Despite the surprising change in events, the episode did leave a chance for us to get to watch a tasty finale and how the fight to the throne comes to an end.

One part in the turn of events that got most of us and Aaron disappointed would be the sudden change of character of Daenerys. If you were closely following the script after season 5, you would have surely assumed things were a bit out of order. To understand it more clearly, you could say that the series took a different turn that was not the way George.R.R.Martin. saw it. No one including the most dedicated fans expected Danny to turn into her father and suddenly become so cruel and cold. However, the conquest of king’s landing now seems a bit irrelevant to say the least. One thing’s for sure, Aaron’s fondness for Danny as his favorite character ended right there when she came knocking into the Red Keep.

Aaron Rodgers and the Game of Thrones

One thing that we can’t surely doubt is Aaron Rodger’s love for the fantasy TV series. We have previously seen numerous celebrity names including Ed Sheeran making special appearances in the show. The list also includes some of the prominent Hollywood names that include Ian McShane and Richard E.Grant. As per the fans, Ed Sheeran’s appearance had more impact than the rest in his Game of Thrones cameo.

However, a small and less meaningful character role didn’t dampen the spirits of Aaron Rodgers as he laid down his life for Queen Cersei and got his gig on his favorite TV series. You’ve got to admit, it ended well for the Green Bay Packer’s star quarterback.

There was another defining moment for Aaron as he also made another appearance in the same episode. This particular Aaron Rodgers Game of Thrones scene does seem a bit funny when you hear the star quarterback’s explanation of his action. There is a part that shows the star helping out a woman during the attack. After the archer sees the oncoming wrath of soldiers commanded by the Dragon Queen herself, he ignores the woman and runs for his life.

You surely wouldn’t hold his actions as noble and like his character. However, it doesn’t seem surprising and entertaining that Aaron would do that despite his bold and strong character. It would be quite wrong to blame his character to run and save his own life. If any sane person saw a wild dragon and the Dothraki chasing them, they too would put their life first rather than fighting for a losing cause.

There have been various Game of Thrones cameos throughout the series. Some of these performances did surprise the fans in a good way while the rest were not appreciated. As for Aaron Rodger’s stint, the star didn’t have much impact so the fans didn’t take it to the heart.

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