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The word anime is the Japanese expression for animation, which could refer to all kinds of animated media. It has come to symbolize colorful and lively graphics, vivid characters complete with doe eyes, and fantastic and engrossing storytelling. No wonder, all anime has attracted such a fan following all over the globe with the Japanese cartoons getting comic con events and people always cosplaying the popular anime characters. Previously available only in the Japanese language, they have now been dubbed into many other languages by many websites even though some prefer to watch in the original format with subtitles.

One of these websites is Masteranime which is home to up to 2500 latest anime in HD format available to users around the clock. It is completely free of cost which is super convenient for anime lovers. It is unmatched in video speed, smooth interface, and stable streaming and that is why it is always a shock for viewers when they are unable to access it. Here we will discuss where to get your anime from if you cannot enter Masteranime for any reason whatsoever:

1.     Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is the answer to all your anime prayers as it is widely known in the anime world as the site with a whole lot of content and a huge user base. It is one of the most searched websites as it offers great features like language dubbing, comfortable watching in 720p format, and amazing for non-Japanese speakers. It distresses a lot of people when it goes down for some reason, which makes it quite similar to Crunchyroll. Although be warned, the site requires registration for use.

2.     Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet is frequently used by hardcore anime lovers for streaming anime online as there are a lot of features such as a colorful mobile-friendly user interface (UI), latest series which are regularly updated, and fast loading high-resolution videos. Anime-planet is one of the top substitutes for Masteranime you can find.

Its popularity is such that people always recommend it for trusted content and a vast collection. The site offers the latest manga as well. All you need to do to enjoy the benefits of this platform is to register yourself with your email address and all other relevant information.

This anime streaming site allows its users to choose from around 40,000 legal anime videos which mean there are no copyright issues and there is always a wealth of content to peruse. The site offers a community feature where anime lovers can interact which sets it apart from other platforms.

3.     Masterani

Masterani is undoubtedly one of the most well-known anime streaming websites for English dubbed content. It has a global reach with users across the world getting the best experience of anime with high definition videos and barely any lagging.

The Masterani website has a user-friendly interface that makes navigating easier. Users can search for their favorite cartoons without much difficulty, use the dropdown menu, and even filter the content based on ratings and comments. These ratings and comments are left by the audiences. Looks like Masteranime has some intense competition.

4.     Animeheaven

Animeheaven is an apt name for the website as it is heaven for an average anime watcher. This anime site offers users the chance to watch the most recent and top trending anime series from Japan. Also, good news for people not fluent in the Japanese language as there is a whole section of the website dedicated to the English dubbed series. One more unique feature is the presence of a posted schedule for the release of all-new episodes in an ongoing series ensuring no one has to miss out on the newest installments. This is why Animeheaven is a good alternative for people who have used Masteranime for their anime watching needs.

5.     KissAnime

KissAnime is the biggest platform on the internet with the largest library of anime series available completely free of cost. You can peruse the collection at your leisure and even download it if you are in the mood to watch it later. There is also an option to register yourself with the website to get access to a premium version with fewer ads if you find them annoying.

The site promotes new and upcoming anime installments and constantly keeps the viewers updated on the schedule. It may, perhaps, be the best substitute for Masteranime in several regards.

6.     4anime

4anime is a lesser-known alternative to Masteranime but that does not imply that it is less worthy. Here, users can come to watch their favorite anime characters in action without any hassle. The home page has a very clean outlay and is very easy to navigate. The website also provides a Random option whereby the user can end up with any random series if they cannot decide what to watch. This makes things very convenient and simple and makes an audience for life.

7.     Anime Freak

Containing anime series from the very beginning to the very latest, AnimeFreak has evolved into one of the most-streamed sites on the World Wide Web. There is no need for an individual to register if they want to access the website and its collection of series. You can sort the list by category, so it will be easier to find the ones you are looking for. Every series and every episode comes with a comprehensive description listed so that viewers can get a general idea about its content and rating. The streaming speed and quality are also reasonably good.

8.     Anime Ultima

Lastly, Anime Ultima has a very clean and minimal interface that automatically attracts a viewer. Another attraction is the nominal presence of ads to ruin the streaming experience. Therefore, Masteranime has an improved version in the guise of Anime Ultima. What sets Anime Ultima apart from other anime streaming platforms is the night mode too which is a huge boost for users who want to protect their eyes.

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