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Behind the Scenes in the Life of Fitness Expert and Actor Boris Kodjoe

When it comes to parents, the majority of them tend to put fitness off till later just to make time for everything else in their lives be it their work, children, household chores, or any other activities. We are unable to put fitness on the top of our list and end up neglecting it. This is why Boris Kodjoe along with his brother Patrick Kodjoe who is a registered nutritionist and trainer realized the need to change this ideology. According to Boris Kodjoe, fitness and health have always been a huge part of their lives since they were young. They have always been athletic, Boris Kodjoe himself was a tennis player earlier in his life whereas Boris Kodjoe’s brother Patrick Kodjoe was a basket ballplayer. They saw the need to simplify fitness and health so that every individual can benefit from it along with their entire family. They have created an app named KOFIT, in which they share diet plans and workouts featuring Boris Kodjoe’s wife Nicole Ari Parker along with his daughter Sophie and his son Nicholas. Read all about Actor Boris Kodjoe – Behind the Scenes in the Life of Fitness Expert.

Boris Kodjoe also talks about the lack of physical activity and the impact that it has made on our society. According to him, our society suffers from health diseases which can be easily prevented if we incorporate some physical activity in our routine. His goal is to bring change as a family in this conventional setup. Let’s have a look at Boris Kodjoe’s life, his family’s fitness plan, and how they continue to manage it every day.

KOFIT – A Family Fitness Affair

Boris Kodjoe emphasizes on the mind to body connection. The Kodjoe family starts their day with 5 or 10 minutes of meditation a day. According to Boris Kodjoe no matter how busy you are, anyone can take out at least 5 to 10 minutes out of their busy routine. This is also the reason why every workout in KOFIT is not more than 20 minutes just so that everybody can quickly get some physical activity in their day. There are also simple nutritional tips present in the KOFIT app. Boris Kodjoe’s family believes in moderation. Their approach is to proceed bit by bit so that it becomes more realistic and doable for others. Because let’s face it if you tell someone that they cant have soda again they will probably shut you down which is why in KOFIT they have tried to incorporate healthy habits in users step by step.

How to Get the Motivation to Workout

It is okay to not want to do something that your body is not ready for. Because our bodies are designed naturally in a manner to protect ourselves from doing something that is out of our comfort zone. According to Boris Kodjoe’s wife Nicole Ari Parker, God has blessed us with a body, soul, and mind. And we need to take care of it to show gratitude for what we have been given.  Our body carries us through life by protecting us from diseases. The least we can do for it is to pay it back by taking care of it and if it is looked at that way then motivation becomes secondary. Once you begin with incorporating bite-sized healthy habits in your regime, you will automatically end up feeling more energetic.

As per Boris Kodjoe, you have to make sure that whatever you do it has to be fun because if t is not enjoyable for you and your family then you will probably not be consistent with it.

Boris Kodjoe’s Morning Routine

Boris Kodjoe’s morning routine starts with getting out of bed followed by quick warm-up by jogging in place for a minute, he then does four basic exercises to target his entire body which includes push-ups, squats, and sit-ups or maybe even deadlift swan dives. He does two rounds of every move for about 20 seconds each.

After 5 minutes of his morning physical activity, he then gets in the shower where he stretches his quads before going to work. According to Boris Kodjoe, this routine gives him a sense of accomplishment which makes a huge impact on the rest of his day. Even if you look at it from a medical point of view, good physical activity releases endorphins in your body which make you feel good. So any amount of physical activity can set you off in a positive manner for the whole day.

Kodjoe Family Fitness Routine

Boris Kodjoe’s daughter Sophie loves to do yoga so she runs some yoga exercises on her own. According to the Kodjoe family, a healthy lifestyle is an investment that doesn’t need much in terms of time. Every single day Boris Kodjoe’s family does something little to connect and get closer. They laugh hysterically as laughter is a good way to bring people together. They all value one another’s opinions and collectively choose what they want to do that day.

Relationship with Technology

For Boris Kodjoe and his family prioritizing their tasks is very important and health comes at the top of the list. This is why he makes sure to not use his phone for an hour every day and instead tries to spend that hour on himself. Because Boris Kodjoe’s if you cant take care of yourself you cannot take of the people that you love. Therefore it is important to remember that self-care is essential because once you step on the hamster wheel, you will fall off if you don’t take care of yourself.

Boris Kodjoe’s Thriving Mantra

Boris Kodjoe lives his life with the belief that if you devote your life servicing to others then this will grant you with love and recognition.  What this means is that if you do good things for other people then you will be blessed with more than you can imagine. This is something that is oftentimes neglected by us as we surround ourselves with social media and technology. We tend to forget about others around us in need. So, if you reach out to others and do something for them you will be blessed with so much that you cannot fathom.

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