Mind-Body-Soul: Health, Diet, Exercise And Well Being

Maintaining the Well-being Trinity; Mind, Body, and Soul

The importance of maintaining your health is something we all realize. However, the things that deteriorate your health are too much of an attraction to stop yourself from consuming them. Fatty foods are to live for! Sadly, you won’t live long if you eat a lot of them. The irony of life is a funny joke and we are all used to it. The mind-body-soul connection is considered to be an important way of life, today. We will explore this in detail and we will see what we can do to balance a healthy lifestyle with a good diet, exercise, and mental well-being.

What is the Mind-Body-Soul Philosophy?
Mindful meditation

What is the Mind-Body-Soul Philosophy?

This philosophy is based on the fact that the mind, soul, and body of an individual is all intertwined. The physical, mental, and spiritual connection and how each of these is interdependent and carelessness in one aspect can lead to a collective diminishing of all three. An example of this can be the act of crying. If you are in pain, you can physically express that emotion, as well as, feel mentally depressed and it has an effect on your soul as well, in the long term. This is where the concept of aura stems from, which can be tough to explain to a scientist, but denying that you feel it, would be ignorance, as well. Certain people radiate certain energies, that highlights how you feel when in their presence. You feel the warmth and eternal unselfish love when you are around your mother. Similarly, critical people who usually have a frown permanently marked on their faces can make you feel like there is a dark cloud hovering above them and you, too. It is my belief that if the Grinch was an actual human, you would feel like death around him.

We will look at some of the ways of maintaining this balance and offer you some tips for balancing your mind-body-soul connection.

Maintaining Mind-Body-Soul Connection:

Eating Healthy:

importance of healthy eating habits
Top view showing hands eating healthy oatmeal with kiwi and almond on a wooden table. Fitness and healthy lifestyle concept.

The importance of healthy eating habits is very underrated. If you develop a good diet, you can achieve anything in life. Nutrition is fuel for the body. While good nutrition is going to keep you physically fit, it will also result in better mental health for you. “How”, you ask? It is hardly complicated. It is explained in the concept of nutritional psychiatry. This study believes that there is a direct link in eating less/eating unhealthy/having an unhealthy diet plan and depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. That is why, it is important to add the greens in what we eat, make sure we are eating in a balanced way throughout the day. Both the extremes of eating are equally dangerous, hence, the balance. Overeating is not good either, as gaining weight can be highly dangerous and lead to a number of other physical problems which result in mental illnesses and eating less is the same.


Exercising is probably the most important of the lot. It has a direct effect on physical well-being, mental well-being, and the well-being of the soul. Exercising is an activity we should make a part of our life. Consistently following an exercise routine is so important as it will nourish your physical capacity. It will increase your life expectancy, and along with that, it will lead to a fitter, healthier life, where you do not have to be dependent on anyone until the very end.

The connection between a good diet and exercise is what helps you achieve a better balance between your mind and body, which leads to a refreshment of the soul.

Exercising also releases endorphins. These along with other chemicals are considered to be “feel-good” chemicals for the brain. People take medicines for the release of such chemicals, exercising in a balanced way has no side effects and can give you all the benefits without having to deal with the side effects of taking pills. It also has a positive impact on your brain as it stops you from thinking about negative things.

Female standing on her head and doing yoga Pilates.

As for the soul, exercising is refreshing. The morning air makes you feel great. Your environment and surrounding matters a lot. A walk in the park brings you closer to nature, opens up your mind to positive things, and gives you time to recuperate your energy levels and understand the importance of thinking and acting in a positive manner.

Healthy Diet
Good nutrition is going to keep you physically fit, it will also result in better mental health for you.

The connection between a good diet and exercise is what helps you achieve a better balance between your mind and body, which leads to a refreshment of the soul.

Meditation and Yoga:

Meditation and yoga are specifically for reaping direct benefits for the soul. It does not matter what you believe in, yoga and meditation bring you closer to spirituality if done correctly. While, yoga relaxes your mind and your physical body, meditation transcends you into a higher dimension where you feel closer to something that is not human. For the religious people, it is a way of connecting to God, for others, it may be a way of connecting to nature, for some, it is just a feeling that is tough to explain but feels heavenly. That is why it does not matter what you believe in, meditation and yoga is for everyone.

Practicing yoga
Young woman practicing yoga outdoors

The benefits of healthy eating and exercise, along with taking care of your mental health are very underrated. However, these things can help you achieve success in your work life, have better relations in your personal life and as a whole help, you become a better person. Also, the importance of good health transcends yourself. You are an individual who is responsible for a lot of people around you, your friends, family, and other loved ones. That is why ultimately, it is crucial to take care of all these things, as they are important to keep you around for the people who care about you. The correct balance between the three will keep you content in life and you will feel on top of everything you do. We hope this helps you find the motivation to become the best version of yourself.

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