All Of The Known Dinosaurs In Jurassic World Evolution 2


“Life finds a way.” With dinosaurs on the loose in the United States, Jurassic World Evolution 2 fully embraces Ian Malcolm‘s famous warning. We’re going to learn what life is like living among these thunder lizards.

Frontier Developments says players will encounter over 75 dinosaurs species within this sequel. We likely won’t learn exactly which dinosaurs are included prior to the game’s November 9 launch, but Frontier is trickling out videos that highlight some the new additions and returning favorites.

With an expanded focus on marine and flying reptiles, there should be a diverse amount of creatures to study and perhaps contain within your theme parks. The wider variety also means more ways that guests can be devoured. We all want to know if a flying dinosaur can feed the Mosasaurus by dropping a guest into the lagoon.

The list below rounds up all of the known dinosaurs that will be in Jurassic World Evolution 2. We’re currently sitting at just under half of what we can expect to see in the game. Odds are some of the hybrids like the Indominus Rex will return, and will likely be joined by other Frankensteined monstrosities. We also don’t know if Frontier is adding dinosaurs from the ongoing Camp Cretaceous Netflix show. Bumpy would surely be a draw for parks.

We’ll update this list whenever new dinosaurs are announced or discovered and will also provide a full list upon the game’s release. Here are the known dinos:

  • Acrocanthosaurus – Carnivore
  • Albertosaurus – Carnivore
  • Allosaurus – Carnivore
  • Amargasaurus – Herbivore

  • Ankylosaurus – Herbivore
  • Attenborosaurus – Piscivore (Marine) *Deluxe Edition Only
  • Baryonyx – Piscivore
  • Brachiosaurus – Herbivore

  • Camasaurus – Herbivore
  • Carnotaurus – Carnivore
  • Chasmosaurus – Herbivore
  • Coelophysis – Carnivore

  • Corythosaurus – Herbivore
  • Dimorphodon – Piscivore (Flying)

  • Diplodocus – Herbivore
  • Dracorex – Herbivore
  • Dryosaurus – Herbivore
  • Gallimimus – Herbivore
  • Geosternbergia – Piscivore (Flying) *Deluxe Edition Only
  • Homalocephale – Herbivore
  • Huayangosaurus – Herbivore *Deluxe Edition Only
  • Kentrosaurus – Herbivore
  • Megalosaurus – Carnivore *Deluxe Edition Only
  • Mosasaurus – Piscivore (Marine)

  • Nasutoceratops – Herbivore
  • Pachycephalosaurus – Herbivore
  • Pachyrhinosaurus – Herbivore *Deluxe Edition Only
  • Parasaurolophus – Herbivore
  • Pteranodon – Piscivore (Flying)

  • Qianzhousaurus – Carnivore

  • Stegosaurus – Herbivore

  • Struthiomimus – Herbivore
  • Torosaurus – Herbivore
  • Triceratops – Herbivore

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex – Carnivore
  • Velociraptor – Carnivore


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