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Textsheet and What Are Its Alternatives

Textsheet has been one of the revelations during COVID-19 for students. It was a website that helped students with schoolwork as it provided answers and solutions to questions and it was free of cost! However, Textsheet stopped working because of copyright violations. The DCMA took it down and the students were deprived of a fantastic website, although, not to worry, we will list some alternatives to Textsheet, today.

Alternatives to Textsheet:

1) Slader:

Slader is a pricey alternative to Textsheet. However, the money you pay is worth it because it is ideal for college students who need online assistance for doing their homework. We like it for the functionality but the quantity and quality of the content are mesmerizing! With more than a thousand textbook solutions and it has solutions for the students in steps, which helps them understand the answers, as well. The search feature is great, as you can search with the barcode, as well as, searching by entering the textbook title. They cater to other languages and a host of subjects. For all these services, a small fee is a bargain!

2) Course Hero:

Course Hero is the expert on having quantity when it comes to student resources. You can find almost anything on Course Hero in the form of videos, researches, guides, etc, covering all of the major subjects. It also has a feature for testing yourself which helps you prepare for your exams, and it is one of the best features on the website. This comes along with Homework Help, which a feature that allows you to ask for personalized coaching at any time! All of this for under $10 is a pretty decent deal. You can also decide not to pay if you are contributing by uploading your material to help other people.

3) Chegg:

Chegg is one of the most used student-helping websites in the US. It has the biggest market share, and it has a large database of student resources and it has a lot of material for preparing for tests. You can also find lots of eBooks at large discounts up to almost 90% and sell your textbooks, as well. Students are offered a 7-day trial, as well, to decide whether they want to pay and get access to the full version.

4) StudyLib:

StudyLib is one of the free platforms regarding coursework. It has a large database full of study material, and student learning resources. You do need to sign up, initially, but again, it is free of cost, so signing up should not be a problem. There is a feature called the flashcard explorer which helps you browse subject categories. You can access a spell check feature and a grammar feature, too. Not very student-friendly, but because it is free, it is a great website.

Other options include:

Coursera – featuring courses from some of the best universities in the world.

Crazyforstudy is also a good shout with more than 50 million books!

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