An Honest Review of Dermaflash’s Dermaplaning Tools


In my opinion, yes, especially if you’re brand new to dermaplaning (or if you’re just looking for a super-efficient physical exfoliator). Because this device is designed for novices and pros, it is an excellent addition to any skincare kit because it’s intuitive to use after a couple of tries. I also like that the device won’t allow you to use an old blade because—whether we like it or not—that’s usually the fastest way to ensure you’re adding bacteria (not the good kind) onto your skin. 

Now, there is a caveat: The brand recommends using the tool weekly, so you’ll need to replenish your four blades at $29 a pop each month. The good thing is the brand offers free shipping on all orders, but that still can get pricey. We’re talking roughly $348 a year. But there’s another thing to consider if you see a professional to dermaplane your skin. I have done this as an add-on to a facial, and it costs about $70. (And this would likely be something you do multiple times throughout the year, so the price ends up fairly comparable to a DermaFlash investment.) Everyone has different preferences and bandwidths for their budgets, but considering the ultra-smooth, and soft results (not to mention instant gratification) I saw with this device, I’d highly recommend it. 

All in all, I am digging this tool and will use it regularly in my routine. I absolutely love that it sloughs away dead skin without me adding a traditional physical exfoliator to my routine. Plus, with less peach fuzz, your face naturally gets a more toned and sculpted effect. Wins all around!


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