A look at some of the wonderful benefits of Green tea


Consumed worldwide and considered as a popular beverage, green tea has attained popularity as being a drink that is loaded with tremendous benefits. Whether people enjoy it hot or cold, it is a superb anti-oxidant, immunity-boosting, and a nutritional drink.

Studies have elucidated that its consumption at optimal levels may reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, boost metabolism, and most importantly, helps in reducing weight. Let’s explore, in detail, some of the health benefits of green tea:


Burning excess fat and calories – Green Tea for Weight Loss

As green tea enhances the metabolism in our body, its consumption is a great way to burn calories. Studies and research confirm that caffeine, as a prominent plant compound, plays a key role in increasing the rate of fat burning and increases the metabolism rate. It is because caffeine, by enhancing physical performance, converts lipids into fatty acids that can be utilized as energy. Furthermore, consuming organic green tea in the morning will also enable you to overcome and reduce 75 to 100 calories on average in a day.  Dring Green Tea for weight loss.

Reducing the risk of cancer; a great health benefit

As green tea leaves is a powerful natural anti-oxidant, it can reduce the risk of cancer by killing any possibility of abnormal mutation of cells. Therefore, as an anti-oxidant, green tea powder safeguards the body against chronic inflammation and oxidative damage.

According to the medical study, it is found that those women who consume organic india green tea at optimal levels regularly have 20 to 30% less chance of developing breast cancers than those who do not consume it. Moreover, studies have also proven that green tea reduces the risk of advanced prostate and colorectal cancers.

Reduces risk of developing old age diseases

Along with improving the brain function and enhancing cognitive abilities, green tea also shields the brain from becoming prone to old age diseases. Thus, it helps to safeguard our brain from common neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s disease that develop dementia in old age and leads to the demise of neurons that produce dopamine.

Enhancing oral health

Green tea also sustains the teeth and enhances oral health. Different medical studies especially test-tube studies have highlighted that catechins in green tea inhibit the formation of plague which is a common cause of developing cavities and tooth decay. Furthermore, it suppresses bacterial growth which as a consequence, reduces bad and stale breath.

Reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Type two diabetes which leads to insulin resistance and disturbing the equilibrium of essential hormones is a rising health defect among women. Thus, instead of depending heavily upon medications, optimal levels of green tea consumption will regulate the level of blood sugar in the body and enhance insulin sensitivity.

Summing everything up – Green Tea

In a nutshell, green tea has enormous health benefits ranging from reducing excess abdominal fat, increasing metabolism rate, reducing the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, regulating the flow of blood sugar, and insulin to enhancing oral health. Thus, with these benefits, you will definitely consider making green tea a vital part of your life.

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