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Everything exciting related to the Cricket World Cup

 Since its introduction in 1975, the Cricket World Cup has become one of the most popular sports tournaments in the world. The International Cricket Council has done well in terms of reshaping the competition and making it more exciting and enjoyable.

Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the tournament only represented the ‘officially recognized teams’. In those times, the format and the conditions to play in were a lot of different from the present time.

Cricket World Cup Standings

In today’s world, these teams could be termed as the top 10 cricketing nations as per the current rankings. However, due to a significant increase in the Cricket World Cup’s popularity and due to considerable improvement in the cricketing rules, more and more countries are getting to be a part of it. Countries such as Afghanistan, UAE, and even Kenya are now a part of the cricketing world. There are other cricketing nations as well such as Canada, the USA, and Scotland that also play the game.

However, most of these newbies are yet to get the official status from the International Cricket Council. Currently, such teams play a completely different tournament by the name of the Cricket World Cup League.

Even if you are a hardcore cricket fan, you might still be short on your knowledge about the world cup. This certainly doesn’t point to the statistics or the recent results of the competition. It’s more about the excitement and the most sought out features of the tournament.

Here’s what you could be missing on:

Red Hot Rivalries

There are only a few rivalries that mean more than just cricket when it comes to playing in the tournament. The crowd is loud and demanding. The atmosphere in such matches is completely different as compared to a normal 50-over match. An example of such matchups could be England vs Australia or India vs Pakistan.

The Cricket World Cup attendance in such matches is more equivalent to a full-house. Tickets get sold very quickly and there are huge bets placed on the outcome of the matches. With such an electrifying atmosphere and a buzzing crowd, you certainly want the front row for these matches.

Crowd Favorites

When it comes to entertaining specifically in the tournament, many names may come up. Some of the recent ones are Virat Kohli, Ben Stokes, Steve Smith, and Joe Root. In previous versions, you might have seen the likes of Chris Gayle, Ricky Ponting, Brett Lee, and Shahid Afridi turning up to light up the crowds. It doesn’t matter which team you support. With such celebrities out there, the occasion becomes a lot more special.

A Bucket of Historic Moments 

One of the best things about the competition is that it never fails to surprise the audience. From 1975 till 2019, the tournament has given a lot of nail-biting matches to the fans. The latest Cricket World Cup final played between England and the Black Caps is a prime example of such matchups. Other than that, there were other historic moments as well. Australia’s three-peat as Cricket World Cup winners is one of those moments that you can add up to the tally.

The Underappreciated Underdogs

This is where the fun comes in. Each edition of the cup has a different list of underdogs. In recent times, teams such as Bangladesh, Ireland, and Afghanistan have been the most surprising of the bunch. On paper, these teams might not be an attractive group in terms of statistics and previous experiences. But if you have closely noticed, the most entertaining matchups have been provided by the so-called underdogs. Top cricket teams such as England, India, and South Africa have struggled against such exciting oppositions.

Outside Activities

After every 4 years, when the Cricket World Cup comes up, there is always that sense of excitement in the air. Fans of different countries gather in bars and eateries and watch the Cricket World Cup live together. There are parties, knowledge games, and other fun activities that you are unaware of.

Just like any other sport, cricket aims to bring different communities around the world in one place. The world cup is not just about the two teams playing a cricket match but it is also about the fans. It is safe to assume that there is a lot more at stake than just a cricket match.

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