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The Best Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home


Get to know about the top wall décor designs that perfectly blend in with your house

Tired of looking for wall decor ideas to freshen up your living space? An empty wall opens up to a lot of possibilities.

It gives you the chance to be creative and make your house feel like a home. One of the best ways to make a suitable wall decor design is by adding a piece of art to it. It doesn’t have to be a classical painting design or a high profile piece that hangs up on the wall. Whatever you choose, it has to suit your house theme and has to gain the required visual interest you want for your home.

It is time that you turn those bare and empty walls into entirely something else. A bit of style and design might be more than enough to showcase your taste in wall decorations.

Wall Décor Ideas

Here are some of the top wall decoration designs that you can add to your empty walls:

  • Art Gallery Design – Wall Decor Ideas

If you are a fan of art and have a habit of collecting precious and well-known paintings, this design is your best option. You can hang up or attach your favorite pieces on your bare walls to bring out its personality.

Art Gallery Design - Wall Decor Ideas
Art Gallery Design – Wall Decor Ideas

Make sure the frame isn’t the same for all paintings. Your wall art must have some variations to add up to the appeal of your walls. Another thing you could do here is to set up the pattern at different heights. For instance, each painting can be arranged at an equal height distance for making up an organized pattern.

  • Fabric Design

    Vintage Patchwork Wall Hangings
    Stylo Culture – Vintage Beaded Fabric Wall Hangings

Another popular décor idea for you is a frame of vintage textile pieces or a collection of your beautiful scarves. Adding such accessories can fill up the required softness and elegance in your living space.

  • Mural Paintings

This is the perfect option for you to bring out your creativity. Leave it up to your walls to take you to a place that you love by simply adding a mural. Whether you choose a wall-covering or hire someone to hand-paint it, the mural will have a great effect on your wall.

Beautiful Mural Paintings
Beautiful Mural Paintings

The mural can be of a scenic landscape, your favorite personalities, or even something related to your passion. There is no better feeling than being surrounded by the things you love. A mural is here just to do that.

  • Accent Walls

It is not necessary that you always have to add an object or an accessory for your decorating your wall. How about actually decorating it? There are many ways that you can do this for your bedroom or living room walls.

Accent Walls
Yellow Accents in blue and white living room interior with wooden cupboard, blue armchair, and white sofa.

Pick a bold and bright color, try to visualize an accent wall, and make a pattern that complements the theme of the room. You can also look for a wallpaper design or seek out other painting designs to decorate your walls.

  • Add some shelves – Wall Decor Ideas

If you are thinking of changing your bedroom settings as you don’t have much space to accommodate your extra belongings, you have got to stop now. Try being a bit resourceful and make use of the empty walls around your bed.

Modern Shelves in Living Room - Wall Decor Ideas
Modern living room with gray sofa and shelves on the wall

You could choose floating shelves that do not take much space and look simple and good on your walls. Do not limit the shelves to books only. You can add sculptures, showpieces, and other objects that are suitable for home decoration.

Art Gallery Design - Wall Decor Ideas
Art Gallery Design – Wall Decor Ideas
  • A touch of nature

Another creative way to boost up your wall décor ideas is to add plants to your walls. People see plant pots as an accessory for the window sill or for their gardens.

Wall Decor ideas - Touch of Nature
Wall Decor ideas – Touch of Natur – Colorful flowers and Pots

Find some wall mounting or attachable plant pots for your walls to experience the freshness you have been missing out on.

  • The hanging plates setup

One of the easiest ways to cover up your walls is by hanging matching dining plates on it. This is quite useful in terms of saving space to store your dishes and serving equipment.

Creative Living Room Interior with Plates
Creative Living Room Interior with Plates
  • The Black and White Theme – Wall Decor Ideas

The Black and White Theme
Black & White living room interior with a comfy corner sofa, paintings, plants, and striped carpet

Sometimes, simplicity is just what you need to make your living space comfortable and appealing at the same time.

You will be surprised how the classical painting themes blend in with your walls. You could even have your own portrait made an enclosed in a simple frame to hang it up on your bedroom wall.

  • Hanging Mirrors

Another easy way to add up to your wall decorating options is by hanging mirrors of different sizes around the wall. In the daytime, mirrors reflect light and make your space look brighter and larger than usual.

Hanging Mirrors on the Wall
Hanging Mirrors on the Wall

You can also install an oversized mirror for a better effect on your walls. Another option could be getting those trending sculptured mirrors that also being in an artistic effect.

  • Bricked Wall Design

Bricked Wall Design
Bricked Wall Design with plants and wooden accents

Not the most popular choice but if you have a thing for bricked walls, this is the best choice for you. Bricked walls bring in a kind of a textured element to your space by adding the much-needed flair to it.

  • Try Wall Dividers

If you having a boring wall that cannot be altered or decorated at all, it is nothing to worry about. The best solution for this is a wall divider. Wall dividers come in simple and conventional designs that can easily complement any of your room settings.

  • Backdrops with curtains

Backdrops with curtains
Beautiful Backdrops with curtains

If you have a dull wall right in front of you, it is about time you do something about it. An easy way to cover it up would be making a curtain backdrop. The curtains can be removed anytime and can be altered as well if you need a different theme.

  • Extra wall décor accessories

These include calendars, chalkboards, decorative wall clocks, and similar objects. Each of these accessories can always add that extra element of surprise to your wall decorations.

wall decor accessories
Wall Decor Accessories – Antique clock vintage style on the wall on the interior.

Try not to overspend on wall décor and consider all options for making a final decision. If you are smart in terms of your decoration options, you can end up with a design collection that makes you feel warm and home.

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