The Complete Guide to Picking out the Best Travel Insurance Provider


All and everything that you need to know about choosing the ideal insurance for traveling

Many individuals disregard the importance of acquiring the right insurance for traveling. Due to this, most of them are not prepared to face any obstacles that might end up ruining their vacations. Read all about -Best Travel Insurance Provider.

Which Travel Insurance Option is the best.
Which Travel Insurance Option is the best.

Why get insurance for traveling?

Life has no guarantees as you never know when you can end up in a critical situation. Imagine getting in an accident or having constant health issues, and then not having a suitable health insurance package. Not the finest moment in your life right?

Similarly, when you are happily traveling and then all of a sudden, you get in an accident or there is some emergency back home, and you have to go back as soon as possible. You might be dreading the height of the financial burden that could come on you during the trip.

Insurance for Traveling
How to choose – Insurance for Traveling

This is where traveling insurance comes in.

Traveling insurance packages are predesigned in such a way that you always have a safe passageway in your trip. Your minor injuries, emergency transportation, and other serious mishaps are mostly covered when you get insured for traveling.

It wouldn’t a dream vacation if you end up losing most of your vacation investment that was a product of years of savings and hard work. Nobody wants a minor accident to ruin their trip and to make it difficult for them to cover the constantly increasing losses.

There is a common misconception amongst many travelers that getting insurance to travel is quite an expensive or a risky step to take. However, you can get rid of all the doubts if you are smart and wise when choosing the right traveling insurance package.

Which Travel Insurance Option is the best?

Here are some of the best travel insurance options for you to choose from.

  • The Allianz Travel Insurance

One of the most popular choices in terms of insurance for traveling is Allianz Travel Insurance. Over the years, the Allianz group has proved to be reliable and smooth in providing services and incentives to its clients.

You get to choose either a single trip plan or a yearly annual trip plan. The cost mostly depends on your holiday destination and the kind of facilities you want to avail of. Like most travel insurance providers, the company can also waive off any prior conditions as per certain defined policies.

You should note that there is a downside to the plan that your trip doesn’t get coverage for your adventure or sports-related shenanigans.

  • IMG Global Insurance

Another great option for you to choose is the IMG Global Insurance coverage. One of the best things about choosing IMG Global is that your insurance package has some incentives in terms of your medical coverage.

The company offers two basic packages which are a single trip and multiple trips coverage. Any prior conditions are waived off in terms of any travel insurance plan but topped for a single trip medical coverage.

Another good thing about choosing this company is that you get a choice to add policies for covering your sports and adventure activities.

  • GeoBlue Insurance

If you are looking for something basic and simple, GeoBlue is a good choice. Like other insurance companies, GeoBlue also offers two trip plans. There is a plan for either a single trip or multiple trips in a year.

A downside to choosing GeoBlue as your travel insurance partner is that it will only cover the medical side of your trip. You should note that any previous conditions are also covered by most of the policies provided by the company.

  • Seven Corners Plans

Another good option for you to choose is the Seven Corners insurance plan. You can make use of the plan on a single trip or on a yearly basis consisting of numerous trips.

It isn’t that expensive and good for a normal vacation trip. Similar to other insurance plans, any previous policies are also ignored here as per the current set conditions.

  • American Express Travel Insurance Plans

A slightly expensive choice, but good when it comes to giving relief to most of its clients. American Express is an ideal option that you can choose for your trip.

One of the perks of having American Express as your insurance partner is that you can make your own travel plan. There is also a single trip package that you can consider if you are not planning to travel more than once a year. A good thing about the plan is that it covers sporting activities to an extent.

  • World Nomads Travel Insurance

If you are looking for something that has a bit of everything, this is your best option. It is more like a short-term plan where the only package offered is a single trip coverage.

An important thing to note here is that the plan doesn’t cover most benefits and there is no particular waiver offered. However, the plan does provide coverage in terms of exploration or sports-related activities.

  • AIG Travel Guard

Another plan that has a mix of everything you could need in a good travel insurance plan. The company focuses more on single trip plans. However, you can consult the company over the phone for other special plans they offer to their clients.

Most packages offered by AIG Travel Guard covers medical costs and your sports activities. Furthermore, you can get any previous policies waivered off as per the present set conditions.

There is a lot more to these traveling insurance options that you know about. Each of these companies or organizations have different categories to accommodate your requirements. They offer various plans that can cater to an individual or even a whole family. In the end, it’s up to you to choose the best one that suits all your vacation needs and is not heavy on your pockets.

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