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Everything there is to know about the Instagram based fitness enthusiast, Brittany Renner

Over the past few years, we have come to know about multiple social media personalities around the world. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are a perfect place to get to know more about these celebrities.

One of these famous personalities is Brittany Renner. Most of the world knows Brittany as a popular fitness model or a social media celebrity. The fitness freak is known for her attractive and toned body mostly because of her sports background. Apart from being known as a social media sensation, Brittany Renner is an actress, App developer, and author as well.

Her Instagram account by the name of bundleofbrittany has a following of around 5 million people. She has a great following on Twitter and YouTube as well. The numbers are rising each year thanks to the model’s hard work and dedication in her fitness regime.

Who is Brittany Renner?

Here is what you need to know about the social media megastar:

Early life

Brittany was born on the 26th of February, 1992 in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. By race, she is half American and half Caucasian. Most of her early education was in her hometown. However, she then moved to Los Angeles where she went to college to complete her further studies.

One of the highlighting moments of Brittany’s college life was her important role as a soccer player to help her college secure the SWAC Championship. Her achievements on the sports podium in her early life portrays how committed she was to achieve total body fitness.

Brittany Renner’s Walk to Fame

The road to the top of the world is never an easy feat. Brittany Renner too had a long passage to cross to get to her dream spot.

The popular fitness model took up many different jobs at the beginning of her adult life. She was a salesgirl, a caregiver, and even a Zumba Instructor. However, it didn’t take that long for Renner to decide social media as her career path.

She took advantage of her fine-toned muscle body and made the best out of it on the internet. At first, the megastar posted her pictures on different social media pages, mostly on Instagram. She then started a well-known hashtag trend by the name of ‘#FitThickArmy’.

Apart from Instagram, Brittany also made her very own YouTube channel where she perfectly portrayed her gorgeous body followed by her fitness routines.

Fame came knocking to Renner’s door as now, she has her very own brand to advertise to the world. The fan following figures on the official Brittany Renner Instagram account is more than enough to justify her popularity in the business.

It is not surprising at all that she has been approached by big names such as Microsoft and Xbox for marketing purposes.

Brittany is no longer a rare sight on the internet as she has been hired for numerous events, fitness camps, conferences, and so on. She has her very own fitness website as well. You can find various sports apparel such as yoga pants, sports bras, hoodies, and other similar clothing.

Here are some fun facts about the famous IG star for you to know:

Brittany Renner’s Age: Brittany just turned 28 in April 2020

Zodiac Sign: The social media megastar is a Pisces

Siblings: Renner has a sister named Lexie and a brother named Steven

Brittany’s Education: Unnamed high school in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Jackson State University in Los Angeles, California.

Religion: Christianity

Controversies in Career – Brittany Renner

 It’s hard to be a celebrity without having a controversial moment these days. Like other famous models and actresses, Brittany Renner has also gone through some controversies in her bright career. She has been romantically involved with big names that include Lil Uzi Vert, Trey Songz, and the former NFL star, Colin Kaepernick.

One of the most controversial moments of her career was an announcement from her Instagram account, bundleofbrittany that she was pregnant with Colin Kaepernick’s child. This caused a big storm on social media where Colin responded by his album named, ‘Keep Lyin’ to tackle the false claims.

Despite some downsides in her celebrity career, Brittany has still managed to keep her image intact and is an inspiration for many of her followers.

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