Christmas 2020: The fourth period in a line, Vijay Deverokonda becomes DeveraSanta

Christmas songs are beeping, and with their little manner, everybody enjoys the holiday. Whereas others prefer to observe this with certain outdated rituals they cling to. One of these is the artist Vijay Deverokonda. Vijay wore his Hat of Santa for the fourth period in a line, indicating the custom of DeveraSanta. Vijay spends Xmas with youngsters from individual boarding schools.

While he started the custom at DeveraSanta, Vijay offered a snapshot of his Xmas festivities and uploaded a photo recounting his Xmas preparations from 2017. In 2017, with the support of his DeveraSanta custom, Vijay began to expand pleasure. Throughout 2017, as just a show of love for creating a vast portrait of Arjun Reddy, Vijay provided presents at JNTU Hyderabad. At Xmas, Vijay shocked his parents during 2018 and encouraged his followers to enjoy quality time with their parents by kissing them and telling them I Like You.

The artist turned Xmas memorable for his audiences last year after requesting their playlist for his believers via social networking sites and shocked his fifty rowdy males and females with personalized presents by his supporter base where he might have appointed through their demands. During this year, Vijay digitally engaged with six-hundred kids in seven houses everywhere in Hyderabad, moving the custom forward.

His squad also exchanged Rowdy treats only with children during the party. Vijay had a lovely family time. Bearing in mind together following guidelines and regulations of the Covid-19, his group also cleansed the products and presents while distributing to the girls.

When speaking like the old Vijay Deverokonda, This Deverasanta, We headed to seven houses everywhere in Hyderabad, I also sing with them, we performed with everyone, to shock 600 small kids, We chuckled with everyone, I digitally squeezed and gave them kisses My Santas gave them Sweets and Rowdy stuff We like to make their holiday and give people this experience, we will try to push this kindness and joy to thousand more girls, so email us information of any houses you want us to deliver decent wears to Deverasanta and then we will greet Xmas and a Happy New Year.

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