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Nintendo 3DS emulator is available on the Google Play Store for free, play a wide range of Nintendo games on both mobile and desktop.

Among the many wonders of emulation another is that it lets you enjoy a wide range of games that have been left behind with the history of consoles and certain arcade games. 3DS Emulators are resourceful windows that allow gamers to visit the past through other forums, and at times they are also useful in the present as well. Read below all about – Citra Android.

Of course, there are several excellent 3DS Emulators available. However, the news for which we are here for today is the official release of Citra, the Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Android.

This may not seem like a novelty to emulation geeks because a version of Citra Android already existed. However, that version was unofficial and it was carried out by the fans, whereas now the case has transformed. Citra Android’s official version has been released with multiple improvements which were not available previously, and that is guaranteed to enhance the outcome when emulating Nintendo 3DS games.

New features

Delightfully, there are a few features that the official version has which were not included in the initial version. The developers have stated that these new and improved features will facilitate in providing an excellent 3DS emulation experience.

These features include Amiibo support, motion controls, camera, and microphone support, as well as gamepad support. Additionally, the developers have promised to release more features in the future

Phone Requirements

This is the most frequently asked question by users. According to the developers, the application can run smoothly on OnePlus 8 Pro for games such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Mario Kart 7.

Additionally, players that own good gaming phones can run Citra Android on high graphics and at a 60fps rate. The minimum requirement to run the 3DS emulator as per the developers is through a phone with Snapdragon 835 or something better.

The app’s performance depends heavily on the phone’s GPU. The developers also mentioned that the 3DS emulator will function better on Exynos, Kirin, and MediaTek chipsets.

Play Your Favorite Games in High Resolution

Citra Android is a well-known open-source 3DS emulator for Nintendo, with regular updates since CTR release in the foremost and original 3DS. With the support for many Nintendo games, including Animal Crossing: New Leaf as well as The Legend of Zelda along with Sonic Generations, and Pokemon Sun and Moon, it is a perfect option for your Android device.

In addition to that, the software can emulate the 3DS console’s Wi-Fi. So, instead of having to play only with users that are located in a specific area, you can now play games with any Citra Android user around the globe. If you have an interest in gaming development, you will be pleased to hear that this program’s emulator is equipped with two interfaces.

As one of the interfaces focuses on the command-line, the other interface presents with a graphical user interface that is also fully featured. With this Citra Android 3DS emulator, developers have made sure that the Nintendo games are no longer coupled from the core, letting bugs to be resolved without any problems.

Easy to Use

The newest version of the Citra Android 3DS emulator is equipped with a simple interface. Nothing like streaming services such as Stadia, Citra Android does not require any prior technical skills or knowledge. The procedure to download ROMs for your choice of 3DS Emulator games is straightforward. You can conveniently set up several features of emulation. In just a few clicks, the software allows you to set up preferences as well as image quality, and along with the audio.

It is worth stating that Citra Android is a steady, fast, and secure 3DS emulator. You can use this program to enjoy playing several Nintendo games that too on multiple devices. Through an effortless search on the internet, you will be easily able to find a huge range of Nintendo ROMs that are compatible with this software. Furthermore, during the process of installation, you can select to run Citra Nightly, which is a steadier version of the 3DS emulator. You can also use Canary, where the focus is on the newest updates and latest modifications.

Other Available Alternatives to Citra

Although Citra Android is a great choice for and Android 3DS Emulator, you may still want to look for other alternatives.  RetroArch, come with a variety of customization options as well as easy-to-use controls, it has been very popular. It is a well-structured application that lets you play classic Nintendo games with comfort. However sad to say, that it is not compatible with some newer games that are available online. Apart from RetroArch, another good alternative is Tencent Gaming Buddy. Although, the platform of this app has been exclusively developed for PUBG players and it is only compatible with Windows PCs.

Compared to other alternatives that are available online, Citra Android 3DS Emulator is a great software for gamers throughout the world. With this program, you can play games from a huge collection of Nintendo games both on your mobile or desktop. The only drawback with Citra Android is that it does not come with built-in games, and you also have to search for ROMs online.

Final Thoughts

With the Citra Android 3DS Emulator, you can play many Nintendo games. In just a few minutes you can find various compatible ROMs as well as apps online. since the android Emulator 3DS offers supreme quality gaming experience, it revamps the original version along with textures which allows the users to enjoy playing their Nintendo games with a variety of features and excitement.

If you are wondering if you should download it then our verdict would be a definite yes. Without a doubt, Citra Android is among the most popular, in service and stable Nintendo 3DS Emulators. Through this program, you can easily enjoy 3D graphics and run your games at a higher resolution than the original version. You can download the Citra Android App through the Google Play Store. It is free but for the hard work that was put into the making of it; the developers have added a Dark Mode theme along with texture filtering options to make the graphics smoother. If you want to give your support to the team then this will make for a reasonable purchase.

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