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Get step by step explanation to your algebra problem. Mathway is the smartest calculator.

Are you looking for answers to your most difficult math problems? Mathway is the world’s smartest calculator for algebra. It can solve your questions instantly whether the problems are of basic algebra or of complex calculus. This is an app that solves math word problems by taking a picture or if you want you can also type your questions and mathway will launch a virtual keyboard with symbols as well as tools that you may need.

Having mathway is like having a private tutor in the palm of your hands to provide you with help on your homework instantly anytime and anywhere you want.  It is a valuable tool for students and professionals. It is an educational app that is suitable for the editor’s consideration. In this article we have discussed all about Mathway-Math Problem Solver, so, if you want to know more about this app then keep reading.

Mathway Features

It is a math solving app that comes with a robust algebra calculator to solve problems in any form from general math to more complex calculus. As long as you enter a valid question mathway will give you a valid answer.

This math solver app comes with a virtual touchpad that can be used conveniently. It supports all advanced types of notations such as variables, special operators, alpha-numeric signs, brackets, and more. You cannot solve word problems in this app and in order to do so, you will have to enter the equation in the calculator.

Every portion of the app is accessible from the home screen which is quite appealing with buttons in different colors. Mathway comes with a simple interface along with an intuitive workflow.

Among the most critical features of this math solving app is the glossary feature. It includes more than 300 words, their meaning as well as principles regarding mathematics. You can also make new entries in the glossary which are also cross-checked side by side to prevent similar terms and values in the app.

Mathway also has a built-in support section which can be accessed if you need help with a problem. You can get in-depth information regarding the app along with tips and advice on how you can use the math solver correctly.

Plenitude of Calculators

The iPad version of mathway is a combination of ten calculators into one. These ten calculators occupy the left 2/3 of the keyboard, which consists of digits that are widely used such as 0 to 9 as well as x, y, and z variables along with brackets and open and close parenthesis. You can also find the four basic operations of math such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication side by side with an equal sign, roots, and exponents.

The other third of the keyboard is what sets the two sides apart, it has geometric forms in general math, twenty-four functions of trigonometry, integrals, summations, logs as well as limits to calculus to list a few.

You can insert an equation in mathway through two ways either with the help of the keyboard or by photographing the comparison using the camera on your iPad. According to most users, the keyboard method has been very successful although in the start it may be complex but to figure but with a few trial and error, you will be able to enter things such as the exponents precisely. As even though it may seem like an easy hassle-free option to just upload the equation by photographing it but unfortunately in reality mathway despite claiming to be an app that solves math word problems by taking a picture it has not done well with identification of certain characters.

Great Source for Learning

Although, many teens use mathway as a shortcut despite that the practice support feature of this math solving app makes it a unique companion for mathematics students, particularly those with a subscription. Mathway lets users practice before the test with the option of creating personalized worksheets and the glossary can be easily searched through alphabetically or by a topic. Mathway comes with a simple and user-friendly graphing function to properly graph equations or to draw geometric figures accurately.

Users can view the solutions to their math problems instantly by plugging in their math equations through the mathway geometry and with a paid subscription you get access to a set by step guide to how the problem can be solved. Equations can be easily set up through a menu that has tools such as integral algebra symbols as well as others related to the chosen subject.

As for the parents and the professors, there will be kids with access to paid subscription who will most likely copy the solutions. This is why it is suggested to search for visible discrepancies among the test result and the homework as a sign of potential misuse. Nonetheless, if this math solver online is used adequately it can prove to be a valuable tool for the children that have a difficult time understanding math as well as for those who want to further explore math outside of their classroom.

Final Thoughts

Mathway can become your child’s best companion especially if you are a guardian to a child that is shy and cannot ask questions from the tutor. It does not in any way hampers with the learning abilities of children. It is a learning app based on a calculator for algebra to help solve math problems.

Mathway is free to use and anyone can use this math solver online. However, for step by step solutions to solve maths problems, you will have to purchase the premium subscription of mathway.

Mathway, a word problem solver can be used to solve mathematics questions of all levels whether its statistics or calculus. You can also test your solve maths answers by typing the questions and hitting solve. The software for mathway can be downloaded for free and it is compatible with both android and iPhone users.

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