Determining How to Deactivate Software Reporter Tool in Windows 10


All you need to know about how to disable the software reporter tool in your Windows device.

Seeing your Windows PC or laptop slowing down is perhaps one of the most annoying and disturbing situations that you can face. As per the technical experts, most of these instances occur due to the presence of such software that might slow down some main system functions. One of the major software names that directly contribute to slowing down your PC is Google Chrome.

As per the recent reports, it has found that Chrome requires a high CPU usage and takes up most of your device’s RAM to run smoothly. You might have noticed a significant drop in CPU speed if you run multiple tabs on the high-profile browser at an instance. This is because the more tabs you open, your browser is bound to take up more space. As a result, Chrome’s software reporter tool demands more CPU background usage which is not good for your PC or laptop’s RAM.

To put it simply, to make sure that chrome does not slow down your device, you might have to do a bit of tinkering with Chrome’s software reporter tool.

Determining what is Software Reporter Tool

Most of Google Chrome’s users are unaware of its software reporter tool and where is it found. For those of you who didn’t know, it is a built-in feature of the browser that is made for performing specific functions. These include keeping an eye on webpages, download tabs, and add-ons. The purpose of monitoring such functions is to report any kind of malware, Trojans, or viruses that can harm your computer.

The tool is located in the task manager feature under the ‘Process’ tab on Chrome. You should note that the tool is more like a periodic software that runs like a background anti-virus function.

Importance of Software Reporter Tool

There are a lot of perks that come with having a good software reporter tool. Here are a few advantages of Google’s software reporter tool:

  • Prevents entry of malware through downloads
  • Lesser unwanted ads and random tabs on accessing certain websites
  • Avoids automatic changes in browser settings
  • Serves as an efficient security tool if your PC’s antivirus is not working. It is also useful in the case of Windows 10 Security malfunctioning.

What’s new in the Chrome software reporter tool?

Due to numerous user complaints and reports against the reporter tool, Google has introduced a more polished version of the former software security tool. The tool is named as the Chrome Cleanup Tool and has some additional features for you to take advantage of.

It is recommended that you update your Chrome version to avoid the following situations:

  • High disk usage
  • Slow PC performance
  • GPU errors
  • Software tool mixing up with Windows Defender

Disabling Software Reporter Tool in Windows 10

The main question that often comes up is whether you should enable or disable the tool keeping in mind the pros and cons. The answer to this is not hard to guess. Windows 10 has an advanced security system headed by Windows Defender that is more than capable of taking care of basic security concerns.

It would be better if you disable the Chrome software reporter tool for much better performance for your PC. Here are a few effective methods for you to follow:

  • Open Chrome Settings

The first step to take is to access Google Chrome’s main settings. You can access the settings by using the toolbar or by simply entering the following address:

  • chrome://settings/system

If the method doesn’t work, there is another easier way to open the settings menu. On the top right corner of your browser page, there is a vertical three-dot line. Click on the line and select the ‘Settings’ option. The next thing to do is to open the ‘Advanced’ tab followed by the ‘System’ option.

  1. Stop Chrome from running background applications

The next step to take after opening the settings tab is to look for the option to disallow Chrome to run background apps when it is not in use. The feature is found on the bottom of the ‘System’ tab and is required to be turned off. Once you are done, you have successfully stopped Google Chrome from invading most of your RAM.

  1. Disable Cleanup Tool’s Reporting Feature

When you are done with the previous step, you are required to open the software reporter tool and untick the ‘reporting details’ option. The feature is easily found by simply opening the ‘Clean up’ option in the browser. The feature is for sending any small details to Google in the case of system failure due to the detected presence of malicious software or other technicalities.

  • Replace the Tool’s .exe file

Here is another way you can save your PC from high disk usage. The process simply requires you to replace the ‘software_reporter_tool.exe’ file by a fake file setup.

Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Find or locate the file

The file can be found by entering the following address after accessing your PC’s command prompt:

  • %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\SwReporter 

  1. Replace it

Once you have entered the address, you are required to open a folder by the name of 79.228.200. The folder has the file you are looking for. Simply replace it with a blank file and rename it with the original file’s name.

  • Change Software Reporter Tool’s permissions

Another way to disable software reporter tool would by revoking some of its permissions. Here how you can complete the process:

  • Enter ‘%localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data\SwReporter’ to open the SWReporter menu folder.
  • Open the folder’s properties and open the ‘Security’ tab option followed by the ‘Advanced’ tab.
  • Access ‘Advanced Security Settings’ and click on the ‘Disable Inheritance’ option. A dialog box will open and ask for removing all permissions. You are required to proceed with the feature to complete the process.
  • The registry editor way

To disable chrome’s software reporter tool by using the registry editor with ease. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Open the registry’s command prompt by entering the following address after pressing Windows + R keys:


  • Enter the following address in the run prompt:


  • Open the ‘Policies Key’ Tab and make a new one by naming it as ‘Explorer’
  • Under the new key, create another key by the name of ‘DisAllowRun’
  • Check the location bar to see if the created key exist
  • The next step requires you to add a string value to the DisAllowRun key and then renaming the string value as ‘1’
  • Finally, rename the string value to software_reporter_tool.exe and save your settings.

It all depends on you what method you choose to apply. Each of the mentioned steps guarantees genuine results. Once you get the hang of the process, you won’t have any trouble disabling the tool to free up your CPU’s disk space.

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