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Easily recover all types of your deleted media through FonePaw Android Data Recovery

Android comes among the most commonly used mobile devices in the world. As users store all kinds of their data on their android devices this also makes it the most vulnerable to data loss attacks. Along with that the provided flexibility by the makers of Android puts the device risk to possible threats.

This is where FonePaw Android Data Recovery software comes in as a simple solution to all your data retrieval issues. It is vital for every Android device.

FonePaw Android Data Recovery software as the name suggests can be used to recover any type of lost data such as images, videos, documents, contacts, and even text messages. It is easy as well as intuitive to use and anyone that has the basic knowledge of android can use this software to recover their lost or deleted data.

Advantages of Using FonePaw Android Data Recovery

Versatile Compatibility

Android Data Recovery FonePaw can be used for multiple manufacturer android brands. This includes Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Asus, and other brands. According to the FonePaw reviews, the software has not shown any incompatibility with any of the other Android manufacturers.

The software also runs flawlessly on older android versions as well as the latest versions. This is why FonePaw Android can provide in-depth recovery and support as it can go back to the older versions. Therefore, anyone with an older android version can also take advantage of this recovery software for retrieving their lost data without facing any issues.

Quick and Easy Navigation

This Android Data Recovery software has a simple interface which is why using this software is as easy as connecting your android device to Windows. All you have to do is select the types of files that you want to recover and then run the scan. The software promptly interprets the selected choices and it will instantly recover the files chosen.

Recover Your Lost Data in Three Ways

Data Recovery through Internal Memory

Some android devices do not have a memory card installed in them and the easiest way to retrieve the accidentally lost files from such devices is through the internal memory. FonePaw can conveniently scan the internal memory of your device and recover the lost data.

Data Recovery through Android SD Card

If you have a device with an installed SD card then you can retrieve your phone’s data that has been lost through Android Data Recovery FonePaw. There is no need to remove the card from your device instead you can run the software and let it scan your device along with the SD card to locate the files that you want to recover.

Data Recovery through SIM Card

If you have saved your contacts in your phone’s SIM card then you can use FonePaw Software to detect the device along with the SIM card. After a thorough scan of your device, FonePaw will easily recover your deleted contacts, messages, and email addresses in a matter of seconds only as it allows users to select the type data that they want to be recovered. The contact will however be recovered in the form of HTML, CSV, and VCF files.

The recovery of data through FonePaw Android Data Recovery is a powerful feature with which you do not have to feel vulnerable anymore about your data. You can even recover your deleted WhatsApp messages as well as imaged without any hassle.

Added Backup Software

Android provides users with the flexibility that allows them to use their phones in several ways such as for storing and moving of many types of data. This level of flexibility tends to put your device at risk and makes crucial data vulnerable to attacks.

FonePaw Android is not only an android data recovery software but it is also a backup software that allows users to take backups of all their data. With just one click you can easily backup your data onto your computer. FonePaw also provides users with a preview of the files that have been selected for backup.

So if due to an unfortunate event your data gets lost again, it will be easier for you to recover your deleted or lost data.

Every android device or tablet must have backup software installed and this necessity makes FonePaw Android Data Recovery an ideal tool to use as it provides users with dual functions without having to install different software’ in their device. FonePaw Android can retrieve your lost or deleted data as well as provide you with a backup for your android device.

Step By Step Guide To Using FonePaw Android Data Recovery Software

Step 1 – To begin with the recovery of your phone data start by launching FonePaw software

Step 2 – Now go to FonePaw Android Data Recovery.

Step 3 – Next connect your phone and choose data to scan.

Step 4 – Now Preview the data and recover what you require.

Tips for Using FonePaw

If you choose FonePaw Android Data Recovery software with the King User privilege then this will allow you to have in-depth access to documents and files that are otherwise hard to retrieve. You can select the King User privilege just after you select the type of files that you want to recover as the program will then ask you about the level of user privilege you want to provide it.


For easy use and rapid recovery of deleted file FonePaw Android Data Recovery is a great tool. It is designed virtually for every hassle-free android data recovery. FonePaw Recovery Software is much more than just a tool for retrieving your lost data as it can also double as backup software for your device. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows. FonePaw Android Data Recovery can retrieve all kinds of data from the internal memory of your device, SD card, or through your device’s SIM card. It is fairly simple recovery software that every Android user that values their device should be aware of and have access to.

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